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Kanika tells Jai to teach her barbaque,,,Jai teaches..Jai,,Rewa and Deepum eats..TK tells to eat food…Kanika tells no..Jai comes and sits near Rewa..Jai tells that Rewa is mad..TK tells he is feeling sleepy and all should sleep..TK goes..Deepum goes…Rewa tells she is feeling sleepy..Rewa tells to see and go..Deepuma asks why??Rewa tells that in jungle there will be spirits..Rewa tells not to turn when anyone hears any voice..Deepum tells she is not scared and goes…Jai tells Rewa there are many ways to chill..Deepum goes in jungle and listen some voices..Rewa tells may be Deepum would have fainted..Rewa tells she will check..Rea goes..Jai tells he will also come..Kanika tells Jai that she is also soo scared and cannot stay alone in dark..Deepum hear’s some voice..Rewa search for deepum

with a torch..Rewa tells stop joking..Deepum shouts “who is here”…Deepum is lost in the jungle…Deepum falls..Rewa shouts and tells Deepum to come back..Someone shouts “REWA”….Rewa asks who is there??Again some-one calls Rewa..Insects noise comes from jungle in the dark..Rewa shouts “JAI”…Rewa tells this is not funny..Rewa hugs and tells she is very much scared..Jai comes and sees…Rewa sees its Bhagat..Rewa asks how Bhagat is here???Jai is shocked to see Bhagat..Umang and Deepum comes..Deepum comes and tells that Umang scared her calling from bushes..
Rewa asks how there are here..Umang tells that because of Coach Jugnu..Jugnu calls Umang and Bhagat..Team Jugnu and Team TK stand..TK asks what they are doing here??Jugnu tells that he also came with his team for Boot camp..Jai tells he only arranged for Team TK,,,Jugnu tells Jai to manage some how..TK tells its waste of fighting..Rewa tells Umang lets go in the tent..Jugnu tells he will decide who will share tent with whom..Jugnu tells when he Bhagat share the tent they are buddies..Jugnu tells when he is twelve years old there was a good lady near her neighbour..And when he was 14 year old he used to study tution his tution sir daughter was good.. Jugnu tells that when he was 18 years father brought puppy..Bhagat gets shocked..Bhagat tells what???Jugnu tells that puppy was taken to a lady doctor..Bhagat smiles and tells okay..Bhagat tells Good night and sleeps..Jugnu tells when he was eighteen it was very good days..Umang sleeps with chriestie..Umang is uncomfortable..Jai shares his tent with TK…Jai tells sorry to TK..Tk tells its okay…Rewa tells she is very happy as Umang is here…Rewa shouts “ANTS” and come out of tent….Bhagat puts water on Rewa…Jai comes and asks If she is alright..Rewa tells yes..Umang comes and asks what happened??Rewa tells it was Ants…Jai goes tells he have to make breakfast..Rewa asks Bhagat what???Bhagat tells he water..Rewa tells she will give,,,Bhagat tells okay..

Precap:Rewa suffer from Asthama attack..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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