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Jai was helping Rewa from falling, Kanika comes and takes Jai along.
Neel wonders what he must do, if he should forgive Umang then thinks he must show some ego. He will only accept if she makes him up. Umang calls from behind, she offered him a qulfi saying she knows he likes this. She says she is sorry, she knows she did wrong. She requests him to leave his anger, eat this qulfi and allow her to stand up else he will now have to pick her in his arms. Neel laughs and picks Umang up in arms. Both laugh.
Rewa says thanks god, the whole days work has ended. She comes to Bhagat who was in the kitchen’s café and appreciate his work. She heads to help him, and says she knows he wants to ask how Jai was to her. Bhagat says he knows she can handle him. She says it all went well, and asks her

how many coffee did she make since morning. She heads to make coffee for them both. Bhagat watches her.
Umang and Neel were sitting together, Umang asks what he thought about their plan with which all their problems would end. Neel says he only had one problem that she wasn’t speaking to him. Umang says she also wanted to speak to him.
Bhagat drinks the coffee and says he had never thought this simple coffee can make him so relaxed. He asks about Rewa’s problem. She tells him that Ritika is in love but that guy ditched her for another girl, she keeps on wandering lost at home. She says the problem is that she wants to quit MBA. Rewa was worried about mom, when mom got so much problem for Rewa as well. She says that Ritika herself had worked so much to get the admission in college as well. She says she can’t leave this all like that. Bhagat comes to sit beside Rewa, he says he will help her. Rewa asks how. He says whenever he has said he will handle it, he hasn’t ever disappointed her. He will find a solution till tomorrow. He hands her the glass of coffee, they drink together.
Outside the academy, Kanika says to Jai that she has been asking him something and he is only eating. Jai asks what he must do, if there was another boy he would have done the same. Kanika says he always flirts with other girl’s inspite of having a girlfriend. The Jai she knows never helps others. Rewa and Bhagat come laughing, Kanika changes her talk. She says that it is good Jai dumped Rewa, this taught her losing and will help her when she will lost Natiionals. Bhagat was curt, Rewa takes him aside. Kanika says to Jai why he couldn’t take her side, Jai tells her to get in the car. Kanika goes into academy. Jai gets in the car.
Rewa takes Bhagat along. Bhagat says he knows she would say that they both deserve each other but what about herself Rewa. Rewa asks what she deserves. Bhagat says she deserves the best, he thinks he wants to give that to her. Rewa smiles and asks him to go.
Neel and Umang played the board game. Umang wins and cheers. Neel asks what so cheery about it. Umang says she is an amazing person with an amazing plan. Neel tells her she is really great, he says that girl’s mind is really fast. He couldn’t have made such a plan. Umang says according to her plan, Bhagat will for sure propose Rewa and then they can come up as a couple and he can also tell his dad about her. Neel gets lost at once. Umang gets a call, she agrees then tells Neel that Rewa invited her for a dinner. Now she got the opportunity which she wanted. Neel curses himself that he spoilt himself with his own hands. Now how he must tell Papa that Deepam isn’t his girlfriend but Umang is. He thinks what Umang with behave when she knows about it.
Deepam spoke on skype that she has already planned everything for her bridal. Her friend says if everything is red, how she will get prominent. Deepam thinks for a while then wonders she must change the theme of her wedding.
Bhagat comes to Bhagat’s room, he says to Neel that he got the door opened with much difficulty. Neel tells him that he can no longer stay here. He says that he doesn’t know where Bhagat would stay but not here.
Umang said to Rewa where Bhagat must be staying, on a road side or somewhere. Rewa wonders why all aunts are so heartless. Umang texts Neel that Rewa almost believed what she said. Rewa points a knife at her hand asking why she can’t keep her in her house. Neel texts Umang that his scene is also on. Bhagat was leaving, Neel hands him a last bag. Rewa suggests Umang to keep Bhagat at her place.

PRECAP: Umang says where Bhagat must be asleep. Rewa cuts her finger. Umang creates a melodrama, Rewa’s mom bandages her. Umang tells her that Rewa must be worried about Bhagat who is homeless right now. Her mom asks if she knew about it, she must call Bhagat to come at their place.

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