Swim Team 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Rewa tells that she will not step back,,She talked to her her sister,,Sister will talk to mother about swimming,,Rewa gives her pendent to TK,,And tells that she wanted to swim..TK asks Rewa in the party Umang and she did race..TK asks Who won..Rewa tells its not about winning or loosing..Rewa tells she won but now will not bring friendship in betwwn swimming.. Rewa tells that to keep the pendent with him,,Rewa tells that will take in brazil olympics 2016..TK smiles…Rewa goes…Jai and his father sees Match..Umang comes and sits..Father asks From when Umang is intrested in match…UMang cries and tells that she want to swim..Umang tells that Jai is hiding things from her and loves REwa..Jai tells thats not fair..Father tells Jai that Umang is his sister..Father tells Jai what is his problem??Father

tells Jai to answer Umang’s question…Umang asks Jai if everthing soughted at Rewa’s home and why she wanted to join TK”s team??Father tells that Rewa wanted to do swimming??Jai tells yes Rewa wanted to do swimming and now her sister Ritika is supporting her..Umang listens and gets shocked..
Next Morning Jugnu asks the girls where is Umang??Girls tells she dont know.. kanika tells Pixy and Deepum what Umang is doing at TK’s office???Umang tells Coach TK that he is her inspiration and Rewa is different,,Umang tells that Rewa want glamour,,Awards and limelight..Umang tells that Rewa is a lier ,,,TK tells that inspite Rewa is Umang’s bestie..Umang tells that Rewa is not her bestie..Umang throws the pendent of Rewa and tells Coach TK that Rewa is toxic and to stay away from away…Umang goes but TK stops and tells that he met Rewa in the party,,In the pool compedition did Umang won or did cheating??Umang tells that Ofcourse she won..Umang goes…Coach TK takes out pendent from dustbin and sees..TK thinks…Umang and Rewa comes face to face..Umang angrily sees Rewa..Rewa goes near kanika..Jugnu tells Umang to register..Umang tells its just 10:17,,JUgnu tells only thirteen minutes are left…Umang tells only two minutes are there..Jugnu asks what will happen in two seconds??TK comes…Umang sees Tk…Jugnu sees and tells Umang that TK removed her and she want to go with him,,TK sees Umang and Rewa..Umang closes her eyes and prays while Rewa is worried…TK sees Umang and then Rewa,,TK tells Rewa If she is ready for registration???Rewa gets happy and tells yes…Umang gets upset…Rewa tells yes she won,,,Rewa dances…Kanika hugs Rewa…Jugnu and TK register their team..

Precap::TK tells Rewa that he want a no objection certificate from her mother..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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