Swim Team 8th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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Bhagat tells the Person that is ready for the dive with Handcuff,The Person tells that Both of the swimmer’s have to find the key and open their Handcuff,Rewa tells Bhagat to do a normal dive..He ignores..He tells that will complete the challenge,Rewa encourages Bhagat..Somehow Bhagat opens his key and manages to collect money and come up..
Jai shouts at Kanika,Umang comes and sees Jai and Kanika talking..kanika makes an excuse,Jai tells that Bhagat cannot stay longer in water..Coach counts the money and tells that Bhagat is the winner,Umang hugs Bhagat..Bhagat comes and hugs Rewa and tells that they require only one lakh thirty five thousand..Coach comes and ask If anyone wanted to take challenge,Jai tells Bhagat that will break the record..Bhagat tells to beat the rival..Kanika gesture and tells Him to be careful…Jai takes dive struggles to open the handcuff and looses the race..Later Kanika,Deepum and Pixy participates and wins..Rewa counts money and tells that more Seventy five thousand is needed,Umang tells not to loose hope..Coach tells that last challenge is still there which is very danger and have to do in pair’s..Rewa tells Jai to do but he denies..Jai tells that he had Pain in shoulder,Bhagat tells that its their last chance..Jai tells that he had shoulder injury and his career will affect,Bhagat tells they cannot give up at last minute..Rewa tells that she and Bhagat will become Partner..Bhagat tells they will do it..

Precap::Bhagat and Rewa takes Dive wearing handcuff

Update Credit to: Ansari

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