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Rewa shows about the article, Bhagat says that she cant go to swimming association, Jugnu is a strong manipulator, she can’t go to him. What is something goes wrong. Rewa asks if he should let her go. Bhagat says he won’t let a chance, he will do this publicly. Rewa asks how? Bhagat says that sometimes to achieve in life one has to wait for a life time, their lifetime will come really soon. Rewa says alright, Bhagat hopes she thinks about what he has said to her and leaves.
Neel walks near the pool side, Pixie laughs watching him. Neel asks if she has never seen a handsome boy. Pixie asks what is he wearing. Neel says she didn’t like his clothes, may be he also didn’t like her clothes and leaves. Deepam wonders what she has seen him.

stops by Rewa. Rewa asks where are his clothes. UG curses Neel. Rewa says she gets it now, that is why he was wearing her shirt. She asks why is she in such a grumpy mood. Umang doesn’t reply and gets into the car. Rewa was laughing, Umang was angry and tells her to stop laughing, he is such a flirt. Rewa laughs aloud. Umang gets irritated. Rewa says she has seen for the first time a boy who steals clothes. Umang asks if all boys are like this, how is love. Rewa says love is nothing, she says she was silly earlier but not anymore.
Jai is beaten badly by Neel. He asks if he is wearing his sister’s clothes and disrespecting his family’s name. Neel runs away. Jai says he is humiliating his sister and follows him. Neels goes upstairs, Jai keeps on following and beating him. Neel wonders where he had gotten. Neel comes to the car, the girls come out of the car and asks why they are beating Neel. Umang was angry at Neel, Rewa asks Umang to stop Jai. Umang says she has no idea why he is beating him, but it is really good. Umang stops Jai, Jai shouts at Neel for wandering around in her clothes. Neel says he was just joking. Umang tells Jai to stay out of her matters. Jai asks Umang to keep a little shame. Umang asks how dare he advice her on shame after what he has done to Rewa. Jai was silent, Umang takes Neel inside.
In the dressing room, Umang warms Neel’s bruises with a cloth. Rewa says there is no painkiller and goes to take one. Umang asks Neel to keep his own business from now on. She stands up to go away, Neel holds her hand. Umang asks him to leave her hand. Neel says there is a family matter going on, he got beaten by her brother only to get her attention but he will keep on teasing her. Rewa comes with a painkiller, they give it to him and leave. Neel says to Rewa they will meet on shooting tomorrow.
Rewa comes across Bhagat and hits him, Umang watches them. Bhagat excuses himself, and says Hi to Umang. She smiles and says Hi, then says you both. She says that they know about their deal, but atleast they both can say hi to each other. She says they aren’t behaving as friends but ex-lovers. She asks Bhagat to talk to her, when will this all get fine. Bhagat says she must ask her friend. Umang asks Rewa what nonsense is going on, she must end it. Rewa says she is waiting in the car. Umang follows Rewa, Bhagat was restless. Umang notices.
Jugnu was working out. A lady comes in the gym, a lady comes there and introduces herself. She goes to meet TK and thanks her for giving his interview. Jugnu goes to question what interview. The lady says they are making a feature, Jugnu says they must have selected him as he is the head coach. The lady says it isn’t about position, Jugnu insists that she must take his interview. Jugnu offers her to come to her office. TK was laughing, so was the lady. TK calls Jai as he watches him there, he says if it is about looks and fitness, she must take interview of Jai. Jugnu still resists but Tk takes him aside and says he has saved the reputition of their academy.
Umang wonders the behavious of Rewa and Bhagat is so awkward these days, but why is it so. She gets an idea about their chemistry, then thinks about confirming it. She calls Bhagat who was at pool side. Umang thinks that she must make him tell the truth. Umang says she is feeling really low, and there is no one; can he come to talk to her for a while. Bhagat agrees.

Umang plays the game with Bhagat to make her mood better, she says she will say a name and he will have to tell about his feelings for that. She says TK, Bhagat says respect. She says life, he says Maa, she says Rewa, he says love. Then realizes at once.

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