Swim Team 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Swim Team 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhagat sees Rewa video…Bhagat calls Rewa but it shows busy…Bhagat gets upset..Rewa talks to Bhagat..Umang tells she is missing Rewa..Kanika talks to her father..Kanika tells her father that she dont want to be here..Deepum talks to Pixy..Deepum tells that she miss Pixy…TK snatches Rewa’s phone..Umang calls Bhagat..Bhagat tells he really miss her…Umang gets shocked..Umang asks who was Bhagat waiting for??Bhagat tells he was waiting for every beautiful girl..Umang tells Bhagat to meet..Bhagat tells sure..Deepum and Rewa cleans..Jai comes and asks if everything is clean??Kanika tells she was worried..Kanika tells that she is not getting the charger..Jai snatches the ipad and tells he will give later..Umang tells to Bhagat about her one sided love..Bhagat tells he want to tell something that Umang is behaving needy..Bhagat tells that Umang is a nice girl and she deserves a really better boy…Umang cries..Bhagat tells that Umang will get her Mr right..Bhagat shouts “FROG”…Umang gets scared…Umang tells that Bhagat is mad..Jugnu calls Umang..Umang recieves and gets shocked..Rewa puts the tent..Jai takes out his shirt..Kanika sees Jai…Kanika asks If Jai feels uncomfortable??Jai tells yes..Kanika tells she will sleep in Jai tent..Jai tells he teach..kanika falls Jai holds her..Kanika sees Jai..Deepum hurts her finger and shouts…Jai runs and sees Deepum finger.. TK tells all have to collect the woods for putting fire..Kanika asks Jai she have to plug the hair dryer..Jai tells If Kanika didnt co-operate then he will send home..Rewa,,Kanika and Deepum collects woods…At night Kanika sees carrot’s,,,Rewa cuts vegetables Jai comes and holds from back..Jai tells Rewa to cut properly…

Precap::Rewa faints Bhagat is scared..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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