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Rewa was in the pool thinking about Bhagat’s expectations from her. Bhagat stood there, Rewa is happy to see him there and asks what he was doing there. Bhagat says there was a hard session of training, he was thinking about relaxing. Rewa asks him to come in, and tells Bhagat she also had back pain. Bhagat asks if they try some new exercises he know about. He tells Rewa to stretch her arm, Rewa feels awkward as Bhagat helps Rewa do the stretches. Both get intimate, Bhagat says she smells nice. Rewa feels awkward and says she must leave. Bhagat says yes, he thinks he must also leave. Rewa says he has come yet, he must stay here. Bhagat tells her to go then, means she must please leave else he will get distracted. Rewa smiles that if he is getting distracted, what is her mistake. Bhagat tells her to

wear the top. Rewa says the must control, they have decided to focus on Nationals. Bhagat tells her to leave now, and calls that he will send her the link to exercise videos.
Jai gets Jugnu’s text about coming to his office. Jai says Jugnu always calls him when he is going home. Jugnu calls Jai inside, Kanika was sitting there. Jugnu says to Jai that Kanika has proven a serious allegation on him, if he is unable to prove anything in his favor his career is destroyed. Jugnu says she even has a proof in the form of CCTV footage. Jai is angry and asks Kanika how can she put such a cheap allegation over him? Kanika cries that which assistant coach can speak in such tone to his swimmer. Doesn’t he think there is personal agenda in this? Jai asks if Kanika thinks this is a joke? Jugnu shouts at him to shut up. He shows him the CCTV footage of theirs on the entrance. Kanika asks Jugnu if this proof isn’t enough for punishing Jai. Jai asks Kanika to speak to her alone for a while. Kanika says he will blackmail her outside, and asks Jugnu to consider Jai’s act for punishment. Jugnu says to Jai that he feels ashamed of him, he will have to suspend Jai and tell this to association. Jai asks Jugnu to let him explain and says to Kanika that she can’t do any such thing. Jugnu says she can, and she has a proof, if Jai has? Jai thinks about Rewa for a while and says Rewa saw all this. When he was arguing with Kanika, Rewa was there, she can tell him the truth. Jugnu says he will talk to Rewa about it, but if he comes to know that Jai has lied, he won’t leave Jai at all.
In the evening, TK watched Rewa practice by the pool side. TK asks Rewa what her timer says? Rewa says 2 min and 8 sec. TK says her timings have improved, he asks why she isn’t taking rest when everyone has left. Rewa says she will now rest after Olympics. TK says good spirits. Rewa says she had decided that until she improves her timings she won’t leave. She tells TK that she isn’t going to get married in near future, this water is her life and she only see her goal as Olympics. TK says this fire, determination and focus was missing in her, and it is back. Outside the academy, TK gets a call. He asks Jugnu what the matter is. Jugnu tells TK there is a serious problem. Jugnu tells TK that it is about Jai and his team’s two star swimmers, he has to meet Rewa and ask her a few questions about Jai and Kanika. TK asks why? Jugnu tells him to sit down and listen carefully.
Neel was in towel appreciating his body. There is a knock at the door, it was Deepam, and she was drunk completely. Neel asks why she feels as if she has taken wine. Deepam asks why Neel smells like a girl. She cries and says her heart has broken, and when heart breaks one only gets drunk. Neel drags her inside the room and says one must not drink for some idiots. He goes to get lime water for her, but Deepam drags him down to sit beside her. Neel says Deepam must not be here at this time. Deepam says he is right, she must leave. But Neel stops her saying she will get caught by a criminal in such a condition. Deepam says right now, it is really late and cold as well. All the criminals must be asleep. She says she must leave now, and gets in bed again taking her shoes off. Neel says she hasn’t been able to stand well even. Deepam stands up drooling, and says she is fine. Neel holds her and tells her to sit here. Deepam smiles looking at him, and says he seems to be really hot, she didn’t say it to him ever. Neel tells Deepam to sit here, he will go to change. Deepam cheers that he is so hot, she will kiss him today.
Rewa opens the door at the ring of bell. She is shocked to see Kanika there, she was crying and says she wants to talk to Rewa for a while and needs her help.
There, Umang dials Neel’s number happily. Jai comes to her and asks her for help, worried.
Kanika says to Rewa that Jai has been cheating on her, she was too stupid to understand but Rewa knows about it.
There, Umang is enraged and asks how she can do this to him? She knew that Kanika is a psycho and will create a problem in his life, she was always against this relationship. Jai says he can’t change the past, but he needs Umang’s help. Umang says she doesn’t understand how to help him.
Kanika cries in front of Rewa saying sorry. She says she was happy when Jai broke up with Rewa because of her, but now she realizes what Rewa must have gone through. She must not have done this, she did wrong to her and so she deserves this. She cries that she shouldn’t have snatched someone else’s boyfriend. Rewa tells Kanika to calm down and relax. Kanika says no, she is a terrible person. If Jai could cheat a girl like Rewa, he could do this to her. He can’t be faithful to anyone.

PRECAP: Umang comes to Rewa’s house with Jai, and says they need to talk. Kanika was also there. Jai tells them that Kanika is a liar, he hasn’t done any s*xual assault on her, she is jealous of Rewa and knows that he still has feelings for Rewa.

Update Credit to: Sona

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