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Rewa says to Baghat that he is not the right guy. She says that he has a lot going on and still he is asking her for the problems. Rewa asks him as to what happened but he is lost in his own thoughts. She asks him but he doesnot tell him then they both argue and turn their faces. Rewa says that they will toss and after it is done asks him as to what he has decided and further says that she will tell her problem after that she will tell him her problem. He pretends to call and after that Rewa asks him to give her his phone but he rejects and says that hehas to go as there is work in the Canteen to which Rewa says that he should go if he wants to. After he is gone she says that she also has to go somewhere.
Rewa walks into a room and says to Neil that it is very dirty, he thinks that the first

thig she hd to say was how dirty his room is and also that she is very much concerned about Bhghat. Rewa picks up a bottle and drinks from it but she then spits it and asks Neil as to how long he ad not washed it to which he says that the water is alright and drinks it. Rewa is still thinking as to how Bhaghat will stay here, she says that she had thought that she will only transport Bhaghat’s stuff here and her work will be done but her work has only started. She asks Neil that they will clean the room and also teaches him how to wrap a sheet, then they both get to work and clean the room after it is done she asks Neil to not get it dirty again. She gets a text and leaves saying that she has some work.
Jay is standing with a mug when Rewa asks as to what the task is, he after turning remembers what Kanika said to him that he will torture Rewa for a whole week. He says that he will say everything that he wanted to say to her from the start, he then thanks her and says that she lied to Kanika even when he did so wrong with her but Rewa says that she doesnot want to be friends with herand if he wants to say sorry say it to Ug. Hearng this he gets angry and says that he will not and asks her to go to gym room.
Bhaghat is making coffee for a customer who gets angry when suddenly Ug comes and starts shouting at the customer who leaves. Then another one comes and asks for a sandwhich to whom Ug says that a mouse died in their caffee. Bhaghat comes and gives her a pastry and then asks her to calm down and leave. She says that she a brilliant idea and leaves without telling him
She calls Neil and requests him to help her, Neil after ending the call says that she asked for his helpfinally after he had been following her for so long. He thinks that she might have decided to forgive him and wants to come in front to say sorry. Then he says that he will not be so easy on her and is going to show some attitude first after all he is britsh.
Bhaghat is cleaning the cups and saying to the other guys to how are they able to do all this work over and over again. Kanika consciously throws the cup, Bhaghat is told to clean it and when he goes near the tale the Kanika says that it was an honest mistake to which Bhaghat replies that they cannot expect anything from people like herself.
Bhaghat gets up and says to Kanika that he is not like her and returns the tip.
Rewa is carrying the bag and is not able to, seeing this Jay runs to help her but she stops him saying that she will do it by herself but Jay says that she will not be able to do it as it is heavy. Kanika is standing there and gets angry seeing Rewa and jay together.

Precap: Neil and Bhaghat are talking and Neil says to Bhaghat that he can no longer live with him. Bhaghat packs his stuff and leaves.

Update Credit to: Sona

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