Swim Team 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Swim Team 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Umang calls JAi…Jai is with Rewa..REwa tells Jai that she said all to UMang..Jai tells REwa first to get well..Jai removes thermometer from Rewa’s mouth..Umang tells JAi that he is always with REwa..Umang tells Rewa said her that she wanted to do swimming..Umang asks Jai If anyone is Supporting Rewa??Jai tells he dont known…Rewa asks What Umn was telling….JAi tells nothing,,,Umang sees TK…Umang tlls Good evenong coach..TK talks on phone tells he is registering for olympics..Umang swims…TK tells Umang to enjoy and easy..TK tells that always he teached Umang..Umang tells sorry and tells she wanted to talk..Umang says sorry as she crossed her limit..She should also apologised to DR Sana and tells she wanted to go to olympics with Coach TK as he is her coach that she teached

all from Coach..UMang tells for one mistake not to leave her..Umang tells that tommorow Registration deadline is till 10:30 she will not sign with jugnu team till end..Umang tells herself that she loves TK and will also tells lie to stay close to TK…
Rewa is sleeping…MOther tells that her friends came home..Kanika tells that they talk to Rewa but she was not picking up..Mother asks If they are Managment trainees??Kanika tells no they are swimmer’s..MOther asks how swimmer and management trainer interact??Rewa comes and tells that they came from academey..Deepum tells Rewa..But Rewa stops..Rewa tells Deepum that they met at Umang’s party,,Rewa asks If they remember?Deepum thinks and tells that yes…Deepum asks’s for water..Mother goes…Deepum tells Rewa that tommorw is deadline of registration..and Rewa have to come and convince TK by anyhow..Mother brings water..Deepum drinks..Mother tells that Umang is vert strange as at khel awards she did a alot of drama..Kanika laughs..Deepum tells yes As Umang is very hectic,,Deepum tells Rewa to come early..Deepum and Kanika goes…Rewa sleeps..Mother tells Rewa that friends are very different..Rewa tells she is sleeping…Rewa gets up..Mother tells where was she going??Rewa tells she will go washroom..Mother tells that today will sleep with Rewa..Rewa asks why???Mother tells As Rewa is having Fever…Rewa tells no..Anotherside TK sits…Dr Sana comes..Sana comes and tells Tk to eat food..TK tells that Umang wanted to apologise Sana..Sana tells really??Sana tells that Jugnu is very different and weird..TK tells that he has to complete his team till tommorrow..Sana tells what about Rewa??TH tells that Rewa has alot of problems at her home,,What will her friends and family will tells..Sana tells its okey If he wanted to take Umang he can because umang is teenager and and at this age infactuation and attraction happenes..TK tells that Sana is soo mature why he dont like this??Sana tells because All men has one track mind..TK tells from that time they are discussing about his problem What about her..Sana tells that her life is going good…Rewa comes and tells she want to talk to TK its urgent and important..TK tells he will come…Rewa goes…Rewa tells TK she has thinked alot and decided..Rewa tells she have here to swim and have burnt her markssheet..Rewa pleases tells to take her back,,TK sees Rewa….

Precap::Jugnu tells Umang to sign,,Umang tells to wait……

Update Credit to: Ansari

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