Swim Team 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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kanika calls Deepum and Pixy,Coach tells that Rowdy rocky is the winner as Rewa has more negative points..Rewa cries..Umang tells not to take tension and loose hope..Suddenly Pixy,Deepum and Kanika comes..
Deepum scolds Rewa and tells that they did Gambling and they will show the picture to TK..Deepum,Pixy and Kanika runs..Bhagat runs behind them,,Rewa cries tells they should catch them,Deepum tries to send the pictures but Bhagat comes and snatches the phone.. .Pixy tells Bhagat that he is supporting cheater’s..Bhagat switch off the phone,Deepum tells that they will not easily leave Rewa and calls her “blo*dy CHEATER”..Bhagat tells to shut up and stop this..He tells that the reports are wrong,,Rewa tells to leave it..Bhagat tells that Rewa is not a cheater.Pixy says to tells clearly,He tells that Rewa has Asthma..
Rewa cries and tells she has Asthma and she hide this from all..And she took Inhaler because of that her report are positive and lied to all..She tells Deepum to show the pictures to Coach TK,Rewa goes…Umang tells that Rewa is “Mahesh Mathur” daughter and calls Deepum and Pixy selfish..Rewa tells Umang to discuss on her dive,Coach tells Umang can increase the price money wearing the Hand cuffs,Rewa tells no as its dangerous..Jai to tells no..Pixy tells Deepum that they should apologise Rewa,Kanika tells that she dont hve any option..Umang takes a dive…Bhagat tells Jai that they dont have enough money and cannot collect two lakh rupees in seven days..Pixy,Deepum and Kanika comes and tells they will participate and apologises..Deepum tells Rewa that the secret will be save and they will also dive..Coach tells that the challenge winner is Umang and will get twenty five thousand..Rewa cries and tells that its tough to earn this much money in very less time..

Precap::Jai tells that he cannot do he has pain in shoulder,Rewa is confused

Update Credit to: Ansari

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