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Rewa comes across Bhagat in the corridor, Bhagat tells her to give way and gets on floor to pick up his belongings. Rewa bends down thinking she is helping, Bhagat was angry and says he doesn’t need her help. Rewa says sorry, she knows he is angry but right now she just need to focus her career.
TK was speaking on phone, there was a van outside. Jugnu comes there and tells him he ordered this equipment. TK says he is the head coach in this academy, and can order anything. Jugnu says this machine is for the use of his team only. TK says this isnt rule, every machine will be equally used by both teams. Jugnu disagrees and tells him to keep this machine in the store room. TK says that he can complain about Jugnu in the association. Jugnu says he will provide best for his team and his team will

reach zonals, but TK’s team will not do anything. TK says he will not let his team lose in zonals, and he doesn’t need his machinery. TK leaves.
Umang comes out of the pool and looks for her dress. Neel stood with her clothes and tells Umang to wear his. Umang says she will never wear his shirt and runs behind him. Neel wears her T shirt and says either she must wear his shirt or wander all day in the swimming costume. Jugnu comes there, Neel says Jugnu is here. Umang asks why Jugnu would come here, Jugnu shouts at Umang and asks if her parents sent her here for doing this, go to the gym. Neel gives her the T-shirt which she ties on her waist and leave. Neel asks what is he looking at, Jugnu calls him in his office. In the office, Neel asks if he called him to eat banana. Jugnu says he wants to tell something, man to man. Rewa was passing from outside, Jugnu says that this Umang is a desperate type of girl, who is always available for boys. She has story with TK. Rewa thinks about going inside, but Neel speaks before, he says that he has listened such things about Jugnu not her, and today with this talk, he has proven himself right. He leaves Jugnu’s room angrily, deterring him not to speak about any girl again.
Jai jumps in the pool, Kanika sits beside the pool and remembers his six packs. She says this is where it all started. Jai asks Kanika why she is smiling. Kanika says she got nostalgic thinking about past, she is thinking about doing something that makes this moment memorable. She says she is thinking about giving him a gift. Jai says no more gift, she has already given him so many gifts. He leaves warning her about no more gifts, Kanika still runs to him and says when he will get her gift he will know how much she trusts her. She says that she is sharing a very personal thing with him, no girlfriends ever share this with him until she completely trusts him. Jai asks if it is her bank account’s password. Kanika says it is her social account’s password. Jai thanks Kanika. Kanika asks his now. Jai says no, he won’t, why would she need it. Kanika says she is his girlfriend. Jai says it isnt needed. Kanika says he doesn’t trust her and don’t want to take this relationship to the next level. Jai says offcourse he wants to take their relation to the next level but his password is really funny. Jai says Trustmejustme. Kanika asks if he thought it is funny. Jai asks if she will read his mails now. Kanika says she will not read them, it is just that girlfriends and boyfriends share their passwords. Jai wonders what is the next level where each girl want to reach a relationship.
Rewa and Bhagat come across each other again, hit their foreheads hard twice. Bhagat warms Rewa’s forehead seeing her bump, concerned. He asks Rewa if she feels better. Rewa says she is fine now. Bhagat says I am really very sorry. Rewa takes her book and leaves. Bhagat looks at her and says she had called him here. Rewa turns and says sorry, she forgot. She didn’t get it whom to call so she called him. Rewa says it is about Umang, she is really angry and wants to deal a man. Bhagat asks who is it. Rewa says it is Jugnu. Bhagat asks what he did. Rewa says Jugnu said a lot about Umang’s character. She shows him an article in the law book about the code of conduct between coach and swimmer.

PRECAP: Umang plays the game with Bhagat to make her mood better, she says she will say a name and he will have to tell about his feelings for that. She says TK, Bhagat says respect. She says life, he says Maa, she says Rewa, he says love. Then realizes at once.

Update Credit to: Sona

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