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Kanika acts and sleeps..Jai and the other officer goes to bring water…Kanika slowly gets up and sees the officer laptop..Kanika changes Rewa’s schedule to home..Kanika tells she will see what will happen with Rewa now.Umang comes and sits near Bhagat..Bhagat tells that Umang behaved like this today..Umang tells it is true that she is moving onn..Umang tells that Bhagat only said he deserve some-one else..Umang tells that Bhagat made his life very greatful..Umang tells thanks to Bhagat..Umang thanks Bhagat..Bhagat thinks How Rewa is ignoring him..Kanika does Yoga…The person from Swimming association comes..The person asks How is Kanika..Kanika tells she is fine…The Person tells that they came to test the anti-smoking test..The person tells he came to take Blood samples and urine sample..Kanika tells what will happen with Rewa she is worried..At Rewa’s home..Mother opens the door..Person From swimming association office asks if Rewa is at home??Mother asks who is the person,,The person tells that Rewa applied for Swimming association..Person tells that Rewa from last three months is coaching at Dolphin academey..Mother tells that they are talking about wrong Rewa..The person Shows Rewa’s mother Rewa form..Mother takes the form and close the door..The Person tells that they will mark absent…Mother sees the form and cries..Anotherside Rewa play game..Bhagat comes..Rewa asks why Bhagat is tensed???Bhagat tells he understood what Umang and rewa wanted to do..Bhagat tells he known why Rewa was ignoring him..Bhagat tells that he thought Rewa would understand him better.Bhagat tells he dont want to listen any excuses…Bhagat tells he know that Rewa wanted to setup him and Umang…Bhagat tells that he and Umang are juts friends..Bhagat tells he dont want to tell Umang directly..Bhagat tells Rewa to solve this problem,,Bhagat tells that Umang is just his friend not more than that..And Umang is not the girl he like..Bhagat tells Rewa to go and talk to Umang right now….At Rewa’s home Mother takes out all Rewa clothes..Mother gets Rewa swimming suit and cries..Mother cries..She throw all the things..Sits and cries…

Precap::Rewa’s mother tells Rewa to choose between her and Swimming

Update Credit to: Ansari

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