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Bhagat and Rewa cheer and drink cold coffee. Rewa asks Bhagat how he always make such amazing cold coffee. He always break his own rules. Rewa’s mother enters the kitchen, Rewa is shocked. Bhagat offers her maa a coffee but she rejects rudely saying she doesn’t take coffee late at night, tells Rewa to get to sleep and takes water from the refrigerator.
Umang and Neel were at Neel’s room. Neel says he was never so worried about anything like this before. He asks if this idea will work, if his Papa knows they have been lying him for so many days his property will be gone. Umang tells Neel not to take tension and have dinner, his best friend is here and would break up with him in front of his papa. Deepam smiles. Neel says to Deepam she is really their sweet friend, she has helped them a lot.

Deepam thinks this is a good time to make Umang feel jealous. Deepam says ouch, she wishes someone rubs her back, it is aching. Umang goes to rub her back herself. Neel was still worried about his papa waiting for his call.
Bhagat asks Rewa why her mom’s mood isn’t fine. Rewa says yes, and she is also going to take rest. She again gets tensed. Bhagat tells her that she is giving false importance to a bad day. Rewa hugs Neel.
Deepam stops Umang saying her back is alright now. There was a video call of Neel’s papa. Deepam covers her head and sits besides Neel. Neel tells her to get ready for a fake breakup. Deepam tells Neel’s papa that she has pain in her shoulder. Umang bucks Deepam up tell the truth straight away. Deepam says that she wanted to tell him something, but alongside she removes the internet connection from the switch. The signal breaks. Deepam asks Neel to call him, she will speak to him. She poses that there was a signal problem, and tells Neel that he said they must go for a dinner and make a video call there. She also tells Neel that he was having pain in his left arm again, he is a heart patient as well so she didn’t like telling him this shocking news. Umang says curtly that when Deepam would wish to tell his papa. Neel stops Umang saying it is about his papa’s life, he says he did alright. Deepam goes to washroom, and in there, she cheers saying what Umang thinks that she will side her with her childish acts. She appreciates herself, and says this time she has arranged a date by herself, she will kiss Neel and will see what will happen to Umang. Umang will be finished.
In the morning, Kanika sat on her bed still lost. The butler brings her food and tells her to eat something. Kanika says he doesn’t need to tell her what she needs to do and what not. Kanika tells him to leave. He tells Kanika Jai is waiting for her outside, what he must tell him. Kanika says he must say that she has left for academy.
Rewa says it is really embarrassing, he put it up to cheer her but she doesn’t deserve it, she has to earn it. Bhagat says she is the most deserving according to him. Rewa says if she keeps her performance like yesterday, she won’t be able to do it ever. Bhagat takes her to sit on bed, and says she needs to focus a bit more, for that she will have to manage some rules to balance relationship and career. He says rule no 1 is that they won’t do couple date on their second date. Rewa says the second rule is that they won’t waste time on date planning. Bhagat teases that she is saying this when she has to plan, but agrees. Rewa says for each day he will have to take time for her for at least ten minutes. Bhagat says they will both stay honest to each other, they must never hide anything from each other. He says she must not hide anything from him, and he will also not. Rewa gets lost at once. Rewa thinks about her mother’s warning. Rewa says at once that she has to tell him something, she stuck while her speech then says she wanted to tell him that he needs to talk to her mom. She tells him to go and shave and hurries himself out of his room. She thinks for a while, then goes to kitchen. She says to her mom that she needs to talk to her. She says they are so pressurized, they want to improve their performance and timings and what she is doing at this time. She asks her mom how she can ask Bhagat to leave home at this time. She says she knows her mom isn’t that insensitive, but isn’t it wrong. She says that she herself allowed Bhagat to stay at their home. Her mother thinks that she only thought Bhagat is after her, but Rewa also likes him. Her mother says alright, Bhagat can stay here. Rewa cheers, and hugs her mom. Her mom says there is a condition, anything related to Bhagat should not take her focus off her career, and she must fulfil her dream of Olympics. Rewa asks her mom if she think she can let her and Papa down.
Kanika arrives at the academy, Jai was waiting for her on the door. He stops her and says he has something important to talk to her. She says she doesn’t want to talk to him. Jai says he knows she is angry, but he wants to explain her. Kanika spots the camera on the wall, and resists Jai pushing him away. Rewa was coming down there. Jai asks if Kanika has grown crazy. Kanika tells Jai to stop it, Jai asks if she has gone mad. Kanika stops at once watching Rewa and goes inside. Rewa also leaves.
Deepam threw tissue papers over Neel, she posed crying. Deepam says she is sorry, she didn’t want to create a scene but wanted some time alone. She says she is frustrated of her life. Neel asks what her problem is. Deepam says she loved a boy but he didn’t like her at all, isnt she hot and beautiful. Neel says that guy must be an idiot. Deepam asks what the most attractive thing in her is. Neel says her hair. Umang comes and hear this. She gets curt that Deepam always interfere between her and Neel. She comes smilingly, she sits beside Deepam and plucks her hair. Deepam stands up angrily. Neel tells Umang about Deepam’s problem, Umang tells her there will soon be a prince charming in her life. Neel offers Deepam the muffin Umang brought her, and notices Umang was upset about it.
Kanika says to Jugnu that she has to discuss a serious matter with him, Jai assaulted her.

PRECAP: Bhagat and Rewa do stretches in the pool, they get intimate with each other. Both realize and say they must now leave.

Update Credit to: Sona

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