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Neel comes to Deepam who was ready happily, he asks if she is ready. She opens up a lip balm. He asks to put it on as well, then remembers his father’s words and says why people don’t understand if guys lips aren’t torn. He tells Deepam to leave it, and asks why she is making up so much, she just has to meet his father and not impress him. Deepam says his papa is an elder and elders have to be respected. Neel asks her to go. On the skype, Neel says to papa that he wanted to meet his girlfriend. Deepam comes with her head covered, his papa is happy to see Deepam. He says that this is the girl that they had liked for him, they just wanted them both to speak to each other. Deepam asks what he means. Neel’s papa tells Deepam that her mother called him for proposal, he will now confirm the proposal.

Neel asks Papa if he is sure this is the same girl. He stops Neel and says he wants to talk to Deepam. Deepam tells him that she is studying home science and her college is near Neel’s academy. Papa appreciates her subjects and says he will talk to her mother as soon as possible. Deepam is happy while Neel faints. Deepam sits beside him and promises she won’t do anything with him that he doesn’t want to do. She hurries. Neel wonders what will happen to him now, he faints again.
TK says that those who knew about Bhagat staying in the academy will be equally punished. Kanika and Deepam say they didn’t know. Rewa says she knew about it, she says when she had signed the NOC she had promised him never to lie to him that is why she is confessing to him. TK asks if they need to gift her for her honesty. He says that knowing that academy’s license can be cancelled because of breach of rule they still lied to him. Jugnu and Bhagat also come there. TK insults Rewa that they come here for swimming, not romancing. He says to Rewa that she and Bhagat will be equally punished. Jugnu says she and Bhagat both will be punished. They tell them to stay outside, they will be told about their punishment.
Outside, Bhagat asks Rewa why she admitted this. TK and Jugnu come there. They say Rewa confessed she knew about him staying here and didn’t tell them. TK says to Bhagat that his punishment is that he will not get a single minute off for one whole week, when he isn’t training he will work for canteen. He won’t get any time to relax or do anything. Jugnu announces Rewa’s punishment, Jai had just arrived and asks if he called. Jugnu says he is announcing Rewa’s punishment, he says to Rewa that she thinks of herself as really smart, knowing about Bhagat and rules she didn’t tell anyone. Her punishment is that for next week, she will be Jai’s assistant and do what he asks her to. Bhagat interferes that he can’t do this. Jugnu says he doesn’t need to tell what he can do what not. TK says they could have been suspended, this is an easy punishment. He asks if there is anyone else who knew about Bhagat staying here, he asks about Umang as when Rewa knows something Umang knows that too. Rewa thinks they can’t tell about Umang to coaches. Bhagat also thinks the same, he says Umang didn’t know about it. Jugnu says his punishment starts now. TK tells Bhagat to remember, training to canteen and back to training. Jugnu tells Jai that he can get anything done from Rewa, if she denies he should inform him. Coaches leave.
Bhagat is annoyed outside that couldn’t they have given Rewa another punishment. He is angry at Rewa why she told them. Rewa says real friends just do this, what if he was in her place. She asks Bhagat to sit down, but he doesn’t. Rewa tells him that she is happy that she stood for him. She has no regret. Both look at each other. Bhagat says he is sure Jai must have started his planning to make her life miserable. Rewa says she knows Jai is a jerk, but it is about one week only and she will handle him. Bhagat says he isn’t sure how she will handle him, punching his hand on a bench. She asks why he hurt his hand by punching it, will it lessen their punishment. Rewa asks him to come in and she will do the dressing. Bhagat says Jai will definitely do something unacceptable.
Kanika throws things at Jai saying he will have to turn her life hell. She asks Jai why it seems he is happy she is becoming his assistant, if he wants to pamper her. Jai asks if she thinks him insane, and why she always keep on beating him. Kanika asks Jai to prove it, she tells Jai that Rewa has humiliated him a lot. Jai thinks he will really get lonely. Kanika brings a magazine, asks him to swear he will not leave a single chance to make Rewa’s life hell. He will swear each hot girl’s head, else none of the hot girl will even look at his face. Kanika heads to leave, Jai stops her and swear that he will not leave a single chance to humiliate Rewa. They hug.
Rewa puts a bandage on Bhagat’s hand and asks what was the need to do this all. She looks at him who was staring at her. She asks what he is watching. He says nothing. Rewa again calls him crazy. She says he is going to work in café for the whole week, if he has decided where he would live. Bhagat asks her to leave it, and what was her sister’s problem. She says he is really crazy to be counting her problems when he himself is in a big problem. Bhagat thinks when he knows she is disturbed by some problem how he can think about his problem.

PRECAP: Jai says to Rewa that the bag is really heavy, she won’t be able to hold it. Rewa asks if there was a boy in her place would he help him too. Jai asks why she is going to male female, Rewa says he is involving gender. She passes by him and slips, Jai holds her. Kanika watches this and asks Jai?

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