Swim Team 7th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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kanika goes,,Deepum tells TK that she is weak in butterfly stroke,TK tells to go and practise..Kanika tells she will practise with Jai..Tk agrees..kanika tells Rewa to practise with Jai..Jai tells first he will train kanika and then Rewa,Kanika tells that Jai cannot handle both of them?Rewa sees Jai…Rewa tells Bhagat that she cannot do rotatoe cough injury and back stroke…Bhagat tells he is unable to understand..Bhagat search on internet…Rewa asks what Bhagat is doing on laptop??Rewa takes the laptop and runs..Bhagat runs behind Rewa..He pulls Rewa..Both look at each other..Bhagat tells Rewa to and practise..Rewa says to tells about girlfriend..Bhagat tells to go and practise..kanika practise..Jai helps…Jai tells sorry..Kanika smiles and hugs Jai…Jai tells that kanika looks hot…Kanika tells that she cannot wait…And people like Rewa make boyfriends for her use..And she know this type of girls..Kanika manipulates Jai by speaking ill about Rewa,Jai tells he is late and goes..Later Jai thinks If Kanika is right..Sana calls TK and says that they will go for a drive..TK dances..Jugnu sees TK Through his laptop..Jugnu tells that he placed hidden camera in TK”s Room to know about medley race..Rewa goes..But Umang and stops asks why there are not practising,Rewa tells she dont know and goes…Umang tells that today is TK”s date…Umang throws all things from locker..Jai asks he will drop..Umang asks if he is driver??Jai thinks what Kanika said.

Precap:Jai kiss Rewa

Update Credit to: Ansari

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