Swim Team 6th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Rewa thinks she shouldn’t tell Tk about Bhagat as she thinks this has been possible because of Bhagat. She says she practiced a lot. TK says the training is over for today, Rewa says she will try one more time to give better time. TK gets Kanika’s call and leaves.
Bhagat was sitting in café thinking about Rewa. Umang comes with her video cam and asks Bhagat what is his daily diet, their swim diaries people want to know. Bhagat was upset and asks her to stop it. Umang says we have to make a better video than those Kanika, now if he stays like this how would that be possible. She asks if he is upset because of their deal? Bhagat looks at the friendship band on Umang’s hand and she says if he is upset because of Rewa, he knows already about her. Bhagat says he doesn’t want to discuss about

her and stands to finish their work. Umang is upet. In the corridor, Bhagat tells Umang to do something innovative. They watch Neel shooting there. They pass by, Neel calls Umang s*xy. Bhagat curtly asks if he knows the spellings of s*xy even that he is flirting. Neel says he knows Bhagat is very educated. Neel says he wished she had got a chance to be a partner with someone like him. He wonders where Kanika is.
TK comes to the office where Kanika had plaster on her arm and some bruise on her head. She apologizes to TK that she has been suggested bed rest, she won’t be able to do swim diaries. TK says that her father had suggested her name. Kanika requests him not to tell her father that she asked him to replace someone.
Rewa worked out and tells Umang that she has improved her timings, Umang wasn’t listening. Rewa complains that she isn’t listening, Umang says that her timings had to improve as since their deal they have been able to focus on their careers. Umang asks Rewa who would break this deal. Both say that the other will break it first. Rewa says that she has no place in her life for a boy, and Umang is a bigger flirt than her. Umang chases her to tickle. Rewa asks she won’t break the deal, even for handsome and charming guy. Umang plays Shahrukh Khan’s pose and says a dialogue. They laugh. Rewa says it was a cheap acting, and says her hot favorite isn’t Shahrukh but Ranveer. Umang says that she won’t even think about this deal for a hot and charming guy like him. Rewa says so she has decided she will break this deal. They both laugh together. They leave arm in arm saying they will punish the one who breaks the deal first.
Kanika comes to Jai’s office and calls him. Jai gets anxious and asks how she got this hurt. He makes her sit and looks at her. Kanika says I am sorry, she shouldn’t have left the car. Jai asks her to get back home. Kanika asks him to promise if he has forgiven her. He says that now, it s more important she gets back home. Kanika removes all her makeup and bandages. Jai asks what kind of drama this is. Kanika says this was a sacrifice for him, she will not have to do swim diaries now. Jai asks who will do swim diaries now on such a short performance.
TK comes to Rewa, he says he has been noticing her timings and improvements, would she like to do swim diaries. Rewa reconfirms what he said, what about Kanika. TK says Kanika won’t be able to do it.
Kanika sat on Jai’s lap and says no one can take Kanika’s place in his life. Jai apologizes for saying a lot that day. They hug.
Rewa asks a minute from TK and as he stands there, she jumps in excitement. Tk tells her that her partner is waiting out. On the pool side, Neel blindfolds himself and jumps into water. Rewa wonders what he is doing. He was shooting his stunt actually. Neel comes out, Rewa asks what he was doing. Neel says he was practicing, if someday there is a problem in race he should know how to handle it. Rewa says she didn’t think about it, it happened to her once in her race. Neel asks Rewa to tell her friend about his intelligence. Rewa warns him to stay away from her friend. She was about to tell him she is his new partner. He thanks for getting rid of that dramatic Kanika. Rewa says it is written in the rules of swimming not to call their partner from a false name. Neel stops her from telling Rewa, Rewa does and says she was also joking. Neel shakes hand with Rewa. Umang also comes there, Neel says she followed him. Rewa asks Umang if he is teasing her, they both will hang him upside down. Umang says she doesn’t care what he says or do. Umang jumps in the pool.
Jai asks Kanika to open an envelop. Kanika cheers watching the papers and hugs Jai. She asks how he did this. Jai says he felt really bad for her and wanted to do something special. He took all her reports to a doctor and he said she has been cured. Kanika says her problem was also emotional, she never felt like laughing and he makes me laugh. He says he loves her a lot. Kanika says she is so happy, she will order a whole pizza for herself. Jai thinks what one has to do for a girl to keep her around, just show a little care be it a lie.

PRECAP: Rewa overhears Jugnu speaking about girls, them being vulnerable and desperate type. Neel denies hearing a word against them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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