Swim Team 6th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Swim Team 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

One person comes and tells that tommorrow at reception they will tell come for Surprise check,,Deepum and Pixy listens..Deepum tells that they will tell this news to Kanika..As kanika drinks,Pixy agrees…,Kanika gets a note..Kanika tells that this is a good chance to teach lesson to Rewa..Kanika tells that Stupid Rewa will be out of Jai’s life..Kanika get’s Jai message to meet…Jai tells he want to cut the line of kanika..TK asks for Bill..Waitor tells that Coach Johnson already paid the bill..TK comes and sits near Johnson..Johnson tells that TK can take her for dinner or anywhere out..TK laughs..Sana comes and sees…Johnson goes..TK asks when Sana came..Sana tells when he was making plan a date with the girl..Sana tells that she accepted the offer..TK asks which offer??Sana tells she will be Doctor at this academey..And she is getting more salary..TK smiles and tells that he can see Sana daily..Sana says yes.. Sana tells that she will talk to jugnu..TK tells he will also come..Umang sees TK and Sana and feels jealous..
Umang comes and sits near Bhagat..Umang tells Bhagat is really cute..Bhagat tells since childhood..Jai is in TK’s office..The person from swimmer’s association tells JAi to call TK..Kanika sees the person..Kanika tells she will go and take out some information..Kanika tries to talk to Jai..Jai tells not now as he is busy..Kanika faints…Jai comes..The other person comes and asks Jai if the girl is a swimmer..Jai tells yes..Jai tells that Kanika is weak..

Precap::Umang smiles and sees Bhagat..Umang tells that Bhagat made her life very good

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Feelnd sry Umang
    She’s in for anothr hrtbrkthogh i really doubt if she has actually moved on frm tk

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