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Jai shows her the gloves and says it is the memory when he first proposed her. Rewa says these things don’t matter now. Jai says he didn’t come to remind about that time, he came to return her these gloves. They have been with him since last ten years, he has always kept them with him and are a lucky charm for him. Rewa asks why he came to return them. Jai says she isn’t his anymore, she belongs to Bhagat now. Rewa says she doesn’t remember them now, she doesn’t care if they are important for him or not. Jai asks her not to be so insensitive, they can be good friends as well. He wants to give this memory to her only because he wants to be a good friend to her. Rewa throws the gloves in the dustbin and says she doesn’t care anymore if she is important for him or not. Jai says now he will tell

Rewa Mathur, he will achieve her at any cost now.
Neel comes behind Umang on the stairs. She says if he needs the cornetto, he must do something special, like super romantic and super different. Neel offers to cook for her. She says no, he must first try something to impress her. Neel gets on his knees and says he won’t get up until he gets the cornetto. Umang agrees to share with him.
It was night. Bhagat instructs the man. Rewa calls him and says she has to go home, if he was that late he should have told her as she has to take rest and do practice as well. Bhagat says he will meet her at home. Rewa leaves. Bhagat says he is doing it to cheer her up.
Rewa comes home, Rewa’s mother was waiting for her in the lounge. Rewa asks why she is so stressed up. Her mom asks if she came alone. Rewa says yes, she had asked Bhagat… her mom says she doesn’t want to listen anything about Bhagat. Rewa asks what the problem is. Her mom asks when Bhagat is going to leave their house. Rewa was speechless. Her mom says this is a simple question. Rewa asks if Bhagat did something, why she is asking this. She likes Bhagat and treats him like a family member. Her mother says this isn’t reality, he isn’t a part of their family. Rewa asks is she the one saying this. Rewa says Bhagat did so much for Ritika, no outsider would do that. She wanted him to stay. Her mom says she now wants him to leave. Rewa asks what happened, would she tell her. Where he would stay, he can’t arrange and afford living anywhere else. Her mother thinks about seeing Rewa and Bhagat together, fighting intimately with chocolates. Rewa asks her mom to give him some days to make arrangements for another place. Her mom says he had so many days, he could have arranged it. Rewa asks her mother not to be so hard on him. Her mother asks why is Rewa feeling so bad about it, she can’t help Bhagat anymore as her house isnt an orphanage. Rewa asks if she is saying this. Her mom says she doesn’t want to argue anymore, she just want her to talk to Bhagat else she herself would.
Jai thinks about Rewa’s act of throwing his gloves. He says she can’t side Jai from her life like this. His mother comes and asks him to have dinner. Jai says he ate a lot in lunch, not in mood. Her mom asks whom he texting, who is the new girl is. Jai says no one, but his mother asks him not to lie to her and asks about Kanika. Jai says Kanika is a crazy girl, don’t talk about her. Her mom asks him to do what he wants to. Jai writes the text: he wish he could turn the time he had broken up with her, and sends it to Rewa.
Rewa’s mother asks her to talk to Bhagat else she will. Rewa says she will speak to him by herself. Her mom leaves saying she must tell him when she is done. Rewa gets Bhagat’s text, turns around to read it then asks how she will tell Bhagat he can’t stay at their place anymore. She opens the door. Bhagat apologizes that he didn’t want to ring the bell because her mother must be resting. She asks why he didn’t come with her and is so late. Bhagat hands her a poster saying this is the reason for him being late. Rewa thinks he is so sweet, how she would tell him that her mom wants him to leave their house.
Jai thinks if he did right about texting Rewa, why isnt she replying. He regrets watching his cell phone that he has texted Rewa. Kanika reads the message, she is upset at once and wonders if Jai was sending this message to Rewa? Kanika wonders how Jai can do this to Kanika Jamwal, she won’t leave him, throws her cell phone and cries sitting on the seat in washroom. She thinks all about Jai’s confessions and words. She throws all her cosmetics from the washbasin, says Rewa and Jai both lied to her and made a fool of her.
Rewa sat on the bench, thinking about TK’s words. Bhagat comes there drinking juice bottle. Rewa thought about her mother’s words, lost. Bhagat comes to her and asks what she is thinking. Rewa didn’t say anything. Bhagat holds her face up to make an eye contact. Rewa says was Tk’s insult lesser that she lost the last race as well. Bhagat asks her to smile before saying anything. He gets her the banner and asks her to open it, Rewa says he has already done so much for her but he insists upon her to open it. She finds an orange paper inside the cover. There was a banner, with Rewa’s photo and a golden 1 written on it, with a quote that Rewa Mathur will always be number one. Rewa says he shouldn’t have made this. Bhagat says she will always win, and every child who would want to be a swimmer will keep her poster in her room. Rewa gets lost again. Bhagat asks what she is thinking. Rewa cheers and says she was thinking about cold coffee.

PRECAP: Bhagat helped Rewa with her stretches in water, they get intimate.

Update Credit to: Sona

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