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Kanika brings cake..Deepum tells that Kanika mixed poison in the cake,Pixy tells something is fishy..Deepum tells she is not stupid..Kanika eats the cake and tells she didnt mixed anything..Pixy tells that may be poison will work after half an hour,,Deepum tells they will not eat..Bhagat sees and tells Something Kanika is planning..Kanika offers cake to Bhagat,He ignore..Bhagat tells again if she try to play game with Rewa he will show,Kanika ask why he is soo much concerned about Rewa??She tells will not share the secret with anyone..Rewa comes and ask what secret??Kanika tells she made a cake but no one is eating!!Rewa eats and tells its yummy!!Bhagat goes,,Rewa says Bhagat to eat the cake..He tells no!!Rewa asks what Secret they were talking about???Bhagat eats the cake and ignores..Coach John claudia comes in Jugnu’s office,,Jugnu hides and tells that she came to abuse,,JC tells Jugnu to come out..Jugnu comes out..JC gives Rakhi to Jugnu!!Jugnu asks who gave this??JC tells some unknown person,,Pixy and Deepum listens and laughs..JC tells that she came here to say about grant..It will be given to the person who win the medley race,JC goes..Rewa gives cake to Bhagat,,Jai comes and ask what is happening??Rewa says that Kanika made a cake and Bhagat is not eating,Rewa tells Jai to eat,Kanika smiles and gives cake to Jai,,Jai eats..Deepum and Pixy comes…
TK comes and tells to come in the locker room….Jai pulls Kanika and tells to stop it..Kanika tells that Jai could not behave like this..If again he behave then she will do anything!!Jai asks if Kanika is blackmailing??Kanika tells yes and goes..TK tells there will be a medley race after two days..Jai text to kanika,Kanika too replies..Rewa notices..

Precap::Bhagat says he will tell the truth to Rewa about Jai..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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