Swim Team 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Ritika calls and Jai that Rewa didnt came home,,Ritika tells that she dropped Rewa at dolphin Academey,,,Jai goes Academey and sees Rewa swimming…Jai tells Rewa to come out of pool…REwa tells JAi to go…Rewa tells sh will not comeout till prove Jai that she is serious…Jai calls TK and tells to come…TK tells that Rewa is not small..TK tells that he will not be a babysitter…
Jai jumps in pool and tells Rewa to come..JAai holds Rewa’s hand…Rewa shouts Jai to go frome here…Jai leaves the hand and tells that he will also not go..Its morning 6am..TK comes and asks From when it is going onn…Jai tells yestarday night..TK tells to come out..Rewa comes out..Jai tells Rewa that she is shivering..Rewa tells she will not go anywhere till TK dont agree…Rewa

tells Jai that she wanted to join..TK tells that Rewa is doing drama..TK tells to respect swimming…TK tells that Rewa is a childish..And that she used soo much of energy..Rewa tells that still energy is there…Rewa tells tht she can do it..TK tells no…Jai tells lets go home..Rewa tells no way…TK tells okey today in sometime girls will come…Rewa have to be ready..Rewa tells okey…Jai tells its not good for Rewa’s health..TK tells Jai not to show attitude as its not his problem…Rewa goes in room and falls…Rewa tells she have to practise…Rewa gets up and sits..Umang comes and tells Rewa that she said that she left swimming..Rewa coughs…Umang throws Rewa’s pump…Rewa faints…Anotherside Umang asks Jai where was he??Umang tells Jai to help him..Umang tells she want to go back in TK”s team..Umang tells TK is a great teacher and not Jugnu..As he inspired alot…Umang tells that still TK need four girl in olympics. and tells that Rewa is getting close to TK…
Umang tells Jai not to go back of Rewa…Jai tells Umang to mind.Umang tells fine and goes….TK sees Jugnu..Jugnu tells its seven years but still TK is not changed..Nor he changed prinicipals…Jugnu tells that History remebers winners..TK tells that he is intrested in swimming not in Swimming…And he will no to swimming..Jugnu tells without a team TK cannot come into olympics…Jugnu tells that today afternoon will meet and see who is in trouble..TK tells that Umang is in his team still…Umang listens and gets happy….TK calls Rewa and tells to come..Umang tells sorry and comes…TK talks to Kanika,,Priyanka,,and deepsi..Umang comes…TK tells Rewa that she is not still in his team..Rewa tells she will be…TK tells four girls and four minutes,,TK tells that Rewa if she is ready..Rewa tells yes…Kanika jumps and swims and comes..Pixy jumps and swims..Deepum swims..Rewa telsl herself she has to push herself as there is one chance…Deepum stops in middle but comes..Rewa swims and comes back within 3minutes fifty two seconds

Precap::Umang shouts at Rewa and tells why she didnt leave the team..Rewa tells Swimming is not her hobby but passion…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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