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Rewa comes to Bhagat, she says that she was here for a long time. Bhagat asks why she didn’t come out. She says it is a deal among her and Umang, then she thought he is her trainer. She says she is following this deal only so that they can focus on their career. Bhagat says he understands. Rewa asks he do. He says yes, he does. There is no use of discussing this all, lets start the training. Rewa says alright, it is about tonight only, now TK will train her from tomorrow. It is their last day together. Bhagat says oh yeah, it is their last day. From tomorrow, he won’t come to train her. TK is her trainer, and she isn’t even going to talk to him because of her deal. Both had pain in eyes. Bhagat asks her to begin with the training, they jump in the pool. Rewa lay on the floor after the swim, Bhagat

looks at her, smiles as both panted. Rewa also looks at him, sits up finally and leaves the pool side. She takes her towel, then feels if Bhagat had held her shirt. She asks him to leave it please, Bhagat still stood on the pool side. She repeats that she has to go, then moves forward without turning back. She says to herself that if she doesn’t leave now, she will never be able to get out of it. Bhagat calls on her to turn back for once. Rewa stops and turns to see Bhagat still on the pool side. Her shirt stuck on the bench. She gets back, and wonders what she is thinking. She stops for a while, then comes back to Bhagat. She says she has to say something to him, thank you so much that he has done so much for him. Thanks a lot, and all the best for his life ahead and bye. She forwards her hand, he doesn’t hold it and says he is sorry as he can’t take it. He leaves. Rewa is left upset.
Kanika stands at the door, Jai was working in his office. She asks if he is working ,he says he has to do work. She had brought a movie ticket, and says it is a good seat. He says she never brings a boring plan, he knows it will be fun but still. Kanika says its been long they haven’t done anything exciting together. He makes a plan for next day morning, Kanika says its not possible. She has swimming classes tomorrow morning, she says she will have to take time for swimming diaries as well, and in the evening she has doctor’s appointment. She asks about day after tomorrow. He says the whole universe is against them, he has training session with Deepam then. She tells him her swimming partner is that Neel. He says that now she has a new boy in her life, she asks if he is jealous. He gets annoyed saying he really is, they can’t even drink a coffee together and she speaks about taking their relation to a next level. She caresses him.
Umang filmed for swim diaries, and speaks in the camera that today she is going to show how many crunches she can do. She goes to set her camera again, Neel comes there to practice. She keeps on calling him that she is shooting here. Neel had his headphones on, he drags her hand and makes her sit. He asks what she is saying. She tells him to go somewhere, she is shooting her swim diaries here. He says he is practicing here, she must go somewhere else. He clears his throat and takes his jacket off, his T-chirt had his own photo and boasts about it. He says she will soon get this T-chirt as well. Umang asks why would she wear his T-shirt, he asks isn’t she his girlfriend. He says he has decided that she will become his girlfriend, tells her about the time and date when she was wearing a pink top and he decided to be her boyfriend. Umang avoids and leaves the irritating Neel.
Kanika was refreshing her makeup in the car, Jai asks is she really leaving him. She says she told him about the swim diaries. Jai was angry, he says that their schedule is already so busy and she has started these swim diaries as well. He complains that she should have asked him once before adding this swin diaries in their locked schedule. Kanika says her dad gave her name, Jai shouts, her dad, her career… everything for her. Kanika gets angry and gets off the car. Jai tells her to get in, she says she will go by herself. He press the accelerator of the car and leaves.
TK appreciates Rewa that she has improved a lot in her timings. She says she used to practice at night, but he must not tell anyone about it. TK smiles, and says nothing can be done to her Rewa Mathur. Don’t worry, he hasn’t heard anything. He asks how she worked on her weak shoulder. She remembers working with Bhagat but doesn’t tell TK.

PRECAP: Reva and Bhagat comes across in corridor, Bhagat drops his file. Both bend to hold them, Bhagat says he will do it himself. Neel holds Umang’s hand hard.

Update Credit to: Sona

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