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TK brings lassi and gives to Rewa…Rewa thanks and drinks..TK thanks Rewa becuase of her he came on camp with team.. and enjoyin,TK thanks for realising him that his team need him..Rewa tells that he will not ignore him??TK tells he will not ignore infact will be more strict..Rewa says thats very good.. Rewa tells that Coach is talking about old TK,,Rewa tells she will never disapoint TK,,,TK tells he want that only..TK eats…TK tells Rewa to eat..TK and Rewa eats..Rewa tells its really tasty..Jai does work,,Kanika comes and tells Jai to show his hand she will tell him how his success life is..Kanika sees the hand and tells that Jai will marry three times and have three kids..Jai tells he is busy..Kanika tells that Deepum dont have any boyfriend she is alonne and will die alone..Deepum tells what

is Kanika’s problem..Bhagat walks..Jugnu stops and asks Bhagat if TK gone for Boot camp???Bhagat tells yes as Jugnu dont know he is the head coach???Jugnu tells he known he was just asking If Bhagat known or not..Jugnu tells Bhagat to keep walking..Bhagat goes..Jugnu tells How dare TK gone without informing him..
Jugnu calls TK,,,Jugnu asks how TK gone without informing him..Jugnu tells TK to come back and cuts the phone…Rewa goes..Jai pulls Rewa…TK asks Jai If they have permission and all documents of ignoring Jugnu???Jai tells yes they have all outside funding permission…TK calls and leaves a message to Jugnu…Again Bus starts..Deepum tells lets play Celebrity guess…Rewa gestures but Jai is not understanding…Kanika tells she will try Kanika dances..JAi guess and tells “Raveena Tandon”,,,,,Kanika tells its right….Kanika sits beside Jai..KAnika tells JAi that they are perfect for themselves…Rewa sees…JAi tells that Camp came…Kanika..Deepum and Rewa comes out of Bus,,Jai tells he will pick up Rewa’s bag…Rewa tells she have two hands..Rewa says its insulting..Rewa goes…Kanika comes tells Jai to pick her bags..Jai tells Rewa said right..Jai goes…TK along with his team goes in jungle..Jai tells this is camp side..Kanika tells how they stay here No electricity no bathroom…TK tells welocme to the jungle…TK tells that they will put camp here..TK tells that they will cook food themselves,,Kanika tells she dont know cooking..TK tells no electricity,,no water is available here..Jai tells they will do workout here..TK tells that all have switch off there cellphones One last time they can call there parents..

Precap::Rewa lost in jungle shouts Jai,,Suddenly someone comes Rewa hugs him..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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