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Jai tells them that TK is coming here so at least the girls must get out of here fast. Bhagat tells the girls to leave, they clear it all up. Umang thanks Jai for informing them else they would all have to face a class. They all clear that all up. Rewa was helping Bhagat, Bhagat is irritated and tells Rewa to leave. She says she was just helping. But Bhagat says if TK arrives they will get in a big problem. Jai comes behind Rewa and tells her to go to locker and do stretching there. Rewa asks why? Jai says he will tell TK that he sent her to stretching. He says they have shared a history, and bitterness as well but he wants to tell her that he is always there for her. Bhagat comes there, Rewa goes to take basket from his hand and holds his hand. Rewa says she and Bhagat are grateful that he saved them

from trouble, she is ready to help him whenever he would need a help as couple. She leaves with Bhagat. Jai says curtly that he will tell them what problems are.
TK comes there and calls what is going on. Neel says he was tired of practice so he took a break to eat bread. Tk corrects him that this isn’t bread but bug gout. TK says he went to pool side and Kanika told him no one came for practice today, why so. Deepam comes from behind and says Neel couldn’t go to training because of her, she had back ache and asked Neel to teach her some Yoga Asans. TK asks how her back ache is. She says it has almost disappeared. TK asks them to come to practice in ten minutes. Neel thanks Deepam, she says she couldn’t have left him in trouble. He asks about Umang, Deepam says Umang left quite a time ago but when she (Deepam) saw him here she couldn’t leave him in trouble.
Rewa was in locker room when she gets Bhagat’s text that he hopes she isn’t angry at him, he wasn’t as well, just panicked a bit. Rewa says she isn’t angry at all, she couldn’t leave him alone. She says she can’t wait for their second date. Bhagat replies that he is awaiting what she has planned for him. TK comes and asks Rewa if she doesn’t have to practice, he is taking surprise tests of everyone’s timings, and she is busy with her phone. Rewa says nothing, TK strictly tells her to get to pool, snatches her phone and reads the messages. He asks if she thinks she can reach the pool with such lack of practice. She keeps the phone aside.
TK tells the girls that nationals are here, there is no excitement or worry on their faces. He wants to take surprise test of timing, he will decide after the result what he must do with bad performance. There is another surprise, they would be out of their comfort zone, meaning Kanika won’t do the master back stroke, Rewa won’t do butterfly stroke and Deepam won’t do master br*ast stroke. This will be free race, Deepam is the first. He says he needs a winner from his team in nationals. Deepam gets into the pool, Kanika says to Rewa that she is finished. Rewa says day dreaming is also Kanika’s hobby. After Deepam Kanika goes to pool. TK then calls Rewa. When they are done, TK says Deepam’s timing was 2.04, Kanika 1:41 and their Zonal winner made a record with 2:15 seconds. It seems her victory in Zonals was luck, he taunts on her to attend her boyfriend’s message. Rewa says she is sorry. TK says not a word. He asks Rewa when she and Bhagat are getting married. Her focus after Zonals lie on him, he thought they must have decided the date as well. Kanika says to Rewa that she thinks Rewa must prepare for marriage, there is no place for her in Nationals.
Umang and Bhagat come jogging to a bench. Umang drinks from her bottle and asks Bhagat where he has got lost. Bhagat says how TK came at their date timings, he had checked that TK was busy in a meeting and would have taken two hours. Umang says she only knows Jai came on the same timings, else they would all have gone. She gets Bhagat and says no, is he doubting Jai? Bhagat says he can’t digest how Jai know about TK and why he came to tell them. Umang says Jai has changed, he isnt involved in this all. After her patch up with him, he has changed. He must focus on his next date alone. She says these double dates are enough for now, she tells him to cheer up and goes to change. Bhagat thinks that Umang says Jai has changed and is innocent, but if Jai has really changed or is it some other plan.
Kanika says to Jai that firstly TK scolded Rewa so much, then her timings were the worst. She says it was such an exciting day. Jai says he says he is also excited, but will this all save his agenda. He has planned something bigger for Rewa Mathur. Jai says he was thinking she should take full advantage of the chance, she must focus on her practice. Kanika leaves happily. Jai says he has to get to action, he says these new gloves will let Rewa recall an old memory. He says these gloves need to be made older, and piss it under his shoe. He says he will make such a sentimental story, it will destroy Rewa emotionally. He laughs saying he just love himself.
Jai comes to Rewa in the locker room, he says he knows today was a bad day for her so he thought about cheering her up. Rewa says it is her problem, she can handle it all. It isn’t a problem but a mistake, she will practice harder and her timing will be improved. Jai stops her and says he didn’t come to disturb her, at least he knows how strong she is, they know each other to this extent.

PRECAP: Rewa’s mother asks her when is Bhagat leaving their house, her house isnt an orphanage or should she tell him about it?

Update Credit to: Sona

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