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Jugnu comes to TK and asks what does this team means before Nationals. Tk takes Jugnu inside and TK says this is all nosense, and this medal is still delicious. He says there is no tradition of chocolate medal, but he just had to put the last nail in the coffin of Rewa and Umang’s friendship. He says that as a coach, he knows this is for the betterment of them both. He tells Jugnu to relax, eat this chocolate medal and just see. Jugnu asks what the connection of this race with their friendship is. TK says they will see.
Umang says to Rewa that she must race against Deepam, Umang will swim against Kanika. Rewa asks if she thinks she can’t race against Kanika. Umang says she knows Kanika is a champion in relays at the last minute, so she will only do what they had decided that Rewa will swim

against Kanika.
Rewa bucked up Umang against Deepam. TK asks Rewa if she is ready to jump, he asks if they remember they are racing for the lucky charm, those who have won this lucky charm have done wonders in Nationals. Rewa was ready to jump, Bhagat prays for Rewa’s performance. TK asks Rewa to jump. Umang comes out of the pool, TK asks Kanika to jump and appreciates Umang. Kanika covers the distance between her and Rewa with much speed. Umang was shocked. TK says this is spectacular. Jugnu asks how Kanika can be a super woman. Umang wonders how this is possible. They all buck Rewa up, Kanika takes lead anyway. Rewa was left in shock. Kanika cheers. Rewa looks at Umang who was disappointed and goes inside. TK sits besides the pool and says he had told her to pick Kanika, she has created this defeat for her ownself.
Kanika kisses the chocolate medal. Tk asks her not to forget to share it with Deepam. He asks the girls to take a break of half an hour. Kanika says to Rewa that this isn’t the last medal that she lost. She shows her daddy’s watch and asks her to forget winning it again. she must remember that biographies of great sports person is also written, there will be a special chapter “ the loser’s daughter, the winner and the watch’. She says that Rewa must remember that no one recalls losers. Kanika leaves, Rewa complains UG how Kanika talked to her. Umang says they have lost that badly too.
Umang was upset in the café when Neel comes to cheer her up. Umang heads to leave saying if he thinks she is in a mood to chit chat. Neel says Umang has just lost, and that a chocolate medal only. Umang says for her, medal is medal and losing isn’t her habit. Neel asks if she thinks that Neel is an illiterate villager who came in swimming by chance, he is a loser. Umang asks him to match their track records, he would know how many relay races she won and he has lost. Neel claps and says thanks to her, he has recalled him that she is a great swimmer and is he is useless. He tells her not to pour her anger on him. Umang says he is an international swimmer, how dare he called her this all.
Bhagat comes to Rewa and shows her a horse shoe. He says this is lucky charm. Rewa asks why he is giving this to her. He says if he hasn’t seen no lucky charm works on her. Bhagat asks when he said he is giving it to her. He asks if he should tell her something interesting about it. Some peoples say that horse shoe should be hung upside, it attracts luck. Some people say it should be hung the other way so that it can gain people luck. Rewa asks why he is telling her all this. He throws it away saying if she knows what he thinks, he thinks that there is nothing like lucky charm. He holds her hand and says luck is made of talent, skill and determinations. She has them all. She couldn’t win that chocolate medal, but she will win the medal in Olympics. He says she believe in her, has always done and will always do. Rewa says she feels better listening to him. She says they must not meet each other again, they have to stay professional.
In the locker room, Umang was busy with her locker. Rewa comes inside and asks what is wrong with her. Umang slaps the locker door and asks Rewa why she didn’t select Kanika in her team. Rewa says she wanted to team up with her and wanted to defeat Kanika. TK and Jugnu heard this. Rewa says we… Umang says there is nothing like we. She says that she gave her best, but Rewa didn’t. Had they done something together they could have won. Umang says she had given her half a leap lead, but she lost. She should have swim with Deepam. Rewa says she is an emotional fool, but Umang isn’t right. Umang asks what does that mean. Rewa says she got the letter, and signed it within half an hour. Umang says if Rewa thinks she broke her promise inspite of having an option. Rewa says if someone had even kept her on gun point, she wouldn’t have signed that letter. This is the difference between them. Umang says their difference is that I like to win, and Rewa likes to lose or she doesn’t mind it. Umang says if she thinks that she is self centered, she must make it clear that winning needs to be self centered. Umang says Rewa only became swimmer because of her. Rewa says she became swimmer inspite of Umang’s presence in her life. She had tried her best that Rewa doesn’t join swim team. Umang says she had introduced her with TK, if she hadn’t done this Rewa would have been working in the same shitty club. Umang says whatever, she isn’t in Olympics because it needs to be won in Nationals. Umang and Kanika are the true competition for Olympics. TK says to Jugnu that they are now ready for Nationals. Jugnu says that TK sometimes prove himself to be the real teacher. Rewa tells Umang that game is on now, she isn’t going to lose Umang and Kanika now.

PRECAP: In the Nationals, Tk tells Rewa that the closest to her in timings of this race is her best friend. Umang tells Jugnu that right now she isnt her best friend, but rival. They jump in the pool.

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