Swim Team 5th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Kanika tells she will become best friend of Rewa,Rewa ask Bhagat why he have problem with Kanika??Rewa asks If Kanika is hot?Bhagat tells it will be good if Rewa and kanika become best friends They will teach lesson to Jai,,Bhagat tells to become friend with Kanika,,Rewa tells she is shocked..Bhagat tells to let it be,,And he want to confess something..Bhagat tells to forgive him,Rewa ask what he did??He tells to come closer..Rewa comes..Bhagat pushes Rewa into water and laughs..Rewa tells to give hand..Bhagat gives Rewa pulls Bhagat..Both looks at each other..Song goes in background.Later Bhagat sleeps and tells that Rewa is mad..Kanika calls Bhagat and ask what he is doing??She ask why he is feeling bad..Kanika tells that she know that Bhagat is in love with Rewa..Kanika tells she will make a plan and then Jai and Rewa will break up,Bhagat asks if Jai and Kanika are dating??Kanika tells yes..Kanika tells that they will team then she will get Jai and Bhagat will get Rewa,,Bhagat tells he dont care and he dont want to be part of plan..Bhagat cuts the call and tells “Go to Hell”..Umang comes in TK’s office and tells that she is suffering from pain..TK tells to sit..Umang sees tickets of Jagit singh and tells that she likes ghazals and Poetry,TK tells that Umang may know “Hosanna” also,,Umang says yes it is a song..TK tells no she is Jagit singh’s partner..TK opens Umang’s bandage and sees her hand is good,,TK tells to get out..Umang goes..

Precap:Rewa sees Kanika and Jai texting each other..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. rewa must know the truth of jai…

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