Swim Team 4th November 2015 Written Episode Update

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In the show, the video is played. Karan and Bhagat and Neel laugh at the video. Jai is enraged. Karan compliments that they aren’t only good swimmers but also good entertainers.
Rewa, Umang and Vaishnavi were in kitchen. Vaishnavi talks about Neel, Rewa thinks someone talked about Neel and Umang went red. She asks Vaishnavi if she likes Neel as she has been talking about Neel since she came. Vaishnavi says she doesn’t, infact he likes her. Rewa asks Umang where was she in the party, she couldn’t be seen. Neel had seen he would drop her, was she with him. Umang is speechless, she tells Rewa she was there, but Rewa was busy with walking and playing guitar with Bhagat. Rewa says atleast she was there in front of everyone in the party, unlike her. Umang goes at the call of Vaishnavi that the

show has started again.
In the show, Karan still appreciates video. He says they could have made it a bit romantic, both the boys shy. Karan asks them to play a Buzzer round with them, which is about their love life. Bhagat is dazed as the game had to begin with him. Neel thinks his Madam ji must be watching the show, she must be really angry if he takes her name. Rewa notices that Neel is afraid, she asks Umang what is there about his love life that he is getting so worried. Neel gives the buzzer to Bhagat, but Karan says they both will be questioned equally.
Bhagat denies having a girlfriend, the buzzer rings proving him wrong. Umang smiles. Bhagat insists he has no girlfriend, he doesn’t get time for any relation. Neel and Karan mock him and ask him to tell the truth. Rewa asks Umang why she is laughing. Karan now asks Neel about having a girlfriend. Neel sits straight, and says he has no girlfriend and doesn’t do any such thing. Rewa laughs this time. Karan again calls them liar. Neel murmurs at the buzzer to stop, he had teamed up with the buzzer still it rings. Karan says if he speaks the truth, this buzzer will get silent for sure. Neel says had he know this would be asked in the show she would never have come. He says it seems he must tell truth, he says there is a girl in his life. He had told her in their first meeting they will be together soon. Karan asks for the name of the girl. Umang is worried, wishing he doesn’t tell the name. Rewa thinks Neel is going to open up the truth in front of everyone on TV. Rewa teases and asks UG if she needs glucose. Neel laughs at the question saying they will get the name in Zonals, she must be wearing a T-shirt with his picture. Karan appreciates that he even replied and they didn’t get to know about the name as well. Karan tells Bhagat to learn something, then asks him to tell the truth about the name of his girlfriend. Bhagat still denies there is no girlfriend. Karan insists that their buzzer never lie, so he must tell about his girlfriend. Umang is happy this time. Bhagat says ok, fine. He says there is a girl in his life but right now their situation is a bit complicated. Karan asks the name of the girl so that they may make the situation complicated. Bhagat says he will tell her by himself after zonals. Karan agrees. Jugnu is upset that except him everyone has a girlfriend. Karan appreciate their personal and professional life experiences, wish them best of luck for their lives.
Rewa and Umang says all set and ready, they both appreciate the boys being awesome in show. Rewa says that Bhagat deserves but that Neel is a bit proudy. Umang denies saying he just seems to be like that but in actual he isn’t like that. Rewa teasea that Umang knows a lot about him. The boys arrive there and then. The girls cheer. Umang hugs Bhagat, Neel asks if she won’t hug him. Umang hugs him too. Neel asks Rewa if she won’t hug Bhagat, Rewa was reluctant but hugs Bhagat saying congratulations to him. Both smile happily. Rewa asks if they brought their autograpshs. The boys say they have forgotten. Rewa and Umang are upset, Rewa says they helped them both a lot in selecting clothes, shooting video of them and they couldn’t get them a mug. Bhagat says sorry to them, but Rewa says not done. The girls leave.
Rewa and Umang were sitting with their legs in pool, Bhagat and Neel get them the cups saying because they did a lot for the show. Umang complains that they are teasing them. Bhagat and Neel had hugged each other and enjoyed. Umang says that till yesterday they were fighting, and now there is so much unity at once. Rewa says they have become friends just now, but Rewa and Umang are friends since childhood. She says if they come for their leg pulling, they will be nothing. Umang says that they will not share their pasta and champaign with them anymore. The boys run behind girls.
TK and Jugnu were with the teams. Tk asks everyone to give a big round of applause to Neel and Bhagat. Jugnu stops the clapping and says they must concentrate on Zonals as they are beginning soon. This is their first step towards zonals. Tk says that this time they are host at Zonals, it will be an insult if they lose after having a home ground advantage.

PRECAP: Bhagat brings Rewa to a room by keeping a hand on her eyes. She is shocked to see the flowers in front of her. She cheers and asks if he has brought them all for her. He plucks a red rose from the bouquet.

Update Credit to: Sona

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