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Mother gets up..Rewa brings breakfast..Mother tells thakyou and eat…Rewa tells that she remembered that she going for one week for job..Mother tells Rewa that she will get finicial help…Rewa tells mother that she will be back in one week…Mother tells how to tell that she lost the job…Rewa goes..Deepum tells Priyanka that they are going for camp she cannoot believe..Kanika comes..Priyanka tells that thief came..Pixy’s father comes and tells that Pixy cannot go..Father tells Pixy to come home..Pixy tells noo….Deepum tells that Camp is very important..Father takes Pixy with her..Deepum shouts…Kanika sees and gets happy..Rewa meets Umang,,Umang tells to take care..TK tells Rewa to go in Bus as they are getting late..Rewa goes..TK too goes..Jai also goes in Bus and

TK comes and asks where is Pixy…Deepum tells…Rewa asks Umang that she was telling some important..Umang tells she will tells later…Bus starts..Kanika comes and sits near Jai..Bhagat runs behind Bus…Deepum tells lets play Antashri..Kanika sees Bhagat and tells what this Pool cleaner is doing here?? Rewa sees and tells to stop the bus..TK tells what is going on??
Bhagat gives a gift to Rewa..TK tells what is going onn???Bhagat tells he will take only one minute…Bhagat tells Rewa to open the gift..Rewa opens and sees,,Rewa sees Mosquito bite cream,,Rewa tells that Bhagat keeps running behind the bus for this???Bhagat tells yes as Jungle mosquito will be big..TK tells now Bhagat gave they should go..Rewa and TK goes…Umang comes and tells that Bhagat runs too fast..Bhagat tells that Rewa forgot Mosquito repelent cream,,,,Umang tells that Jai is gone mad..Umang and Jai goes… Jai comes and sits near Rewa…Jai tells he is mad behind Rewa…Rewa tells that Coach will see..Jai tells that Coach is reading magazine..Jai tells Rewa to think about his gift…Jai tells to guess..Rewa tells may be jai gave choclate because in jungle there will be no choclates…JAi tells he also packed diaper because Rewa is a two years old girl..Rewa tells that may Be Jai gift torch…Jai tells no..Kanika tells Seeing Rewa and Jai no one can tell that they broked up..Jai tells he was giving Campus tips,,,Kanika tells that she too is scared from Jungle..Jai tells that Kanika is too much..Rewa order lassi but chef is busy arguing with wife…Rewa comes and sits..Kanika tells she want Salad..One person brings and gives Salad to Kanika,,,Kanika eats…TK tells Rewa he wanted to talk to her..

Precap::At night Rewa lost in Jungle..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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