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Umang asks Rewa if Bhagat told her what he is planning. Rewa says no she doesn’t, Umang asks Rewa what she thinks he should plan. Rewa says Bhagat will decide this. Umang says still what he must plan according to her. Rewa asks Umang why she wants to know about the surprise, it is Bhagat’s surprise and he will plan something. Umang says she and Neel are also coming so she must know what her boyfriend is planning, they will be able to dressup that way. Rewa says she knows whatever Bhagat will plan would be awesome. Umang says amazing, then murmurs Bhagat is gone. Rewa says she wants to spend time with Bhagat, and leaves. Umang texts Bhagat: I can’t do this buddy, getting information from Rewa means getting secrets from CBI, sorry but I can’t help you. Bhagat reads the test and is worried. Neel

had been working out and asks Bhagat to stop him, Bhagat tells him to stop and says his girlfriend is useless. Neel says he himself has hyped Rewa’s expectations, now he must bear them.
The next morning, in academy the girls worked out. Neel and Bhagat come in pilot’s dress. Rewa asks who they have become. They say they are going to take them to a travel where no one will disturb them. Bhagat says it is their first date, so they must enjoy together. Umang asks if this is his idea, how he knew what Rewa would like without her help. Rewa asks if Umang had been asking all about that date to help Bhagat. Bhagat and Neel tell them where and how to move for their destination. Deepam asks if they are going somewhere. Umang says he just announced they are going to the most romantic date. Rewa and Umang were worried what if TK and Jugnu come. The boys say they have made sure there will be no hurdles in their journey. Umang says to Rewa that her boyfriend is so romantic. Neel qualifies at once that he has a big role in all this arrangement. Umang asks really? Bhagat asks them to move on.
They get their cards. Rewa says she is really excited and gets good feelings with this date. Neel requests them to keep seated, in a while they are going to fly for the most romantic journey ever. Deepam says Rewa has Bhagat and Umang has Neel, what is her role here. Umang says “kabaab me Haddi” (bone in a kebab). Neel and Bhagat hold Rewa and Umang’s hands and take them to a garden filled decorated so well. Rewa looks at the Eiffel tower’s chart and says to Bhagat he has brought her to Paris for their first date. The boys drape the girls in caps, kiss the back of their hands. Neel says they couldn’t take the girl to Eiffel tower so they thought about bring tower here. Deepam comes and says the whole theme is French, will there be a kiss as well. Umang tells her not to be French. Bhagat says they need to do a lot now, Neel asks Umang if they are ready to do lunch at Eiffel tower. Jai watches this, he thinks first Bhagat proposed Rewa and now he has got her to academy for date. Jai says now Bhagat must see how he brings his romance to the end.
Rewa and Bhagat enjoy their lunch, Umang appreciates her lunch. Deepam feels left out. Bhagat asks Rewa who was draped in shawl, if she enjoyed. Bhagat says he also feels really cold, can he share her shawl. Rewa rubs Bhagat’s hands, then says he has done so much for her, she must also do something. Rewa hugs him with her shawl, and says thankyou. Bhagat says to Rewa that right now he can’t afford much, but he promises he will take her to the world’s most romantic place Paris. Rewa says if he is with her she wouldn’t need to go there.
Bhagat lay in Umang’s lap. He told Umang that if he had told his Papa about the place he has kept his girlfriend, he would have cursed him really badly. He would have asked him to take her to a cinema with popcorns instead of this pole. Umang says she needs to meet his father. Neel says he will let her meet him soon. Deepam hears this and comes to ask Neel share his blanket. Umang gives her shawl to Deepam and says she will share the shawl with Neel. Deepam leaves curtly. Umang asks Neel to share his shawl with her now.
Jai talks on phone saying he is on pool side, no one came here neither from team Jugnu nor Swim team. He says he is waiting for him. Jai says TK is coming, he will see how they do romance here.
Umang and Bhagat play with each other, eating bunties. Deepam watch them, comes there with a cup and spills it all over Umang. She apologizes UG at once. Umang calms herself down and says she has to play the game with Deepam’s rules. Umang says she will forgive her as she has done a lot for Neel that his dad got flat on her in a single call. Deepam says their chemistry is like that. Umang says she is sure Deepam won’t deny doing one more thing, she tells Deepam to tell Neel’s father that she broke up with Neel. This way his father won’t be upset with Neel. Neel also appreciates Umang’s idea. Neel asks Deepam to do a last help of Neel. Umang tells her to give uncle an unforgiveable reason, like Deepam had been cheating on Neel. Deepam says no, but they requests Deepam together. Deepam says alright, with a heavy heart. Umang and Neel appreciate Deepam to be the best friend ever.
Jai thinks that if he tells them TK is arriving, he can win the trust of them specially Rewa. He can do anything for that.
TK comes to poolside and asks Kanika what she is doing. Kanika says she has been practicing alone for hours, even Jai said this. Tk says he will handle this. Kanika texts Jai that his work has been done.
Jai comes to the date spot, he tells Umang to relax who got to explain him. Jai says he knows everything, they must worry about TK who is looking for them at the pool side.

PRECAP: TK insults Rewa on her timing and asks when she and Bhagat are getting married. Rewa’s mother says that her house isnt an orphanage, she helped Bhagat when he needed but he must leave now. Will Rewa ask him to leave or shall she do it herself?

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