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Rewa sat in café, Umang comes there and asks if she also got that letter. Rewa stands up and says she has to talk to her about this letter. Rewa says we aren’t supposed to talk to each other. Umang asks who cares what we are supposed to talk and what not, she was shocked when Bhagat told her that Rewa also got such letter. She shows her letter to Rewa and says Neel got this letter. She says she couldn’t believe it. Rewa says so she is talking about this letter, and they might be a prank. Umang says yes, Rewa asks if she wants to talk about a letter. Umang asks what? Rewa says nothing, if she doesn’t understand she might not want to talk. She leaves wondering since when UG has begun to keep so many secrets from her. Bhagat and Neel watch Rewa leave alone. Umang smiles at them, she offers Neel

to drop him home. Neel asks if she isn’t going with Rewa. Umang says Rewa had to go alone, and she is Neel’s girlfriend. Bhagat requests Umang to drop him too, as he has no girlfriend to offer him a drop. They laugh and get into the car.
After sunset, Rewa was packing her bag at home. Rewa watches the medal gifted by Umang, TK had told her that Rewa can confront Umang.
Umang’s mother brings her a photo of her. Her mother says she had lost from Rewa in Zonals, she had framed it only so remind her that she had lost that day. She must never forget that feeling, she tells Umang that she should have been on the winning stage. She says that it shouldn’t happen again. Umang says she has heard it a lot of time, she knows about it.
Neel and Bhagat have a drink together. Bhagat appreciates the drink. Neel asks Bhagat to see Rewa and Umang, they have considered each other’s rivals. Bhagat says both are competing for same medal. Bhagat says he has seen Umang practicing short distance race. Neel thinks that this means Umang and Rewa have broken their promise. Neel asks Bhagat that they are like brothers, are they rivals. Bhagat says he is right, but they are rivals as they are competing each others in Nationals for the same medal.
Rewa hugs her mother, maa says she trusts Rewa that she will raise her and her papa’s head and make her the proudest mother. Rewa looks at her papa’s photo, she says she will bring his watch back from Kanika.
Kanika was in her room selecting her night dress for academy. She gets a call, she says she wants a fake prescription from him for asthma medicine in bulk.
Neel switched the lamp on and off periodically. Bhagat got disturbed and asks him to sleep, they have to get up early tomorrow.
Umang watches their photo, keeps it in her bag while Rewa watches her Papa’s photo and keeps it with her. There Deepam prays to God that if she clears Nationals she won’t think about Neel, then is worried that this is a big sacrifice. Kanika keeps the PEDs in her pouch.
The next mornings, everyone gather in the locker room. Umang says welcome to their new home. Deepam prays to make this locker room lucky for her. TK says he doesn’t know if God will make it lucky or not, but he has a lucky charm for them. He asks if they know about past champion’s traditions about lucky charms. He says he doesn’t much believe in them but this one is really true. He shows them a medal, then bites it. Deepam asks chocolate medal? TK says he has another for which they can compete. Kanika asks why to compete for chocolate medal. TK says the point is winning a lucky charm through friendly race. He says all the champions who have won this medal as good luck charm, have shine in Nationals. Rewa asks when and where to do this race. TK says they will make two teams. He says Deepam needs to gain leadership qualities, so she will be captain. He says that Rewa has to learn take tough decisions so she is captain number 2. He hears the sounds of an announcer. He says he says he has to do a meeting with both captains, and takes them along.
In the hall, TK says he wants to tell them two things. What a sports person needs to have to win. Rewa says skill, talent and speed. TK says there is another thing, strategy and decide a winning edge on their side to defeat the opponent. He asks whom they will chose on their sides, Deepam says Umang as she is a champion. TK says Rewa needs Kanika on her side if she has to win. He says whether she likes her rival or not, but if she has the spark to win she must chose her. He says the one who wins the toss today will chose Kanika on their side. TK asks them to meet on pool side in an hour.
Kanika takes a medicine box in her car and pays the medical store person with his amount. TK asks Rewa to select her teammate as she won the toss. Rewa says if we don’t like our rival, still she has the potential and spark she can help them win gold medal. Their practical strategy must be to collaborate with their rival. Practical approach would be to defeat that rival. She chose Umang, she says she and UG will defeat Deepam and Kanika. TK asks them to prepare for the race in five minutes. Umang and UG smile at each other.
Jugnu welcomes the boys to their new house. He says they have to train as well. He says they have only one foam, one of them must sleep in their sleeping bag. He says they are friends and will manage. Neel and Bhagat both throw pillows over the foam, Bhagat takes the lead. Bhagat says it is his, Neel says this isn’t school. Bhagat cheerily asks him to get away. Neel was angry, he says he had given place in his house to Bhagat and Bhagat is fighting for a foam. He asks Bhagat to stop his brotherhood acting, he called him rival by himself. He leaves when he gets a message for the race.

PRECAP: Bhagat supports Rewa in the race. Bhagat says some people say that horse shoe should face sky and the others say it should face the earth to be lucky, he throws it away and says he doesn’t believe in any. He thinks luck comes with skill, talent and determination, and Rewa has them all.

Update Credit to: Sona

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