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Bhagat looks clearly to see Jugnu standing with a flash light. Rewa wonders why Bhagat is not taking her call. Jugnu asks Bhagat if he is still living in the academy, he suspected this when he saw him with the milk. He says this is strictly against rules, why is he staring now. Bhagat says he had promised this to him, Jugnu remembers saying food and living isn’t a problem. Jugnu denies any promise, he says this is swimming federations rule or prove he had said this. Jugnu thinks that he will put each person supporting Rewa Mathur in so much trouble that they know they have to side him and not Rewa. He tells Bhagat to empty the locker room as soon as possible. Bhagat picks his luggage at the door, he says he clearly remembers Jugnu had promised him but he thinks that he must now leave his team. Jugnu

smiles and asks who would take him before Nationals. He tells Bhagat to take the help of that friend Rewa. He leaves in his car, leaving Bhagat helpless.
At home, Rewa cooked in the kitchen. Maa comes and asks what this is, Rewa says this is her innovative fusion, her maa stops her from putting all the spices but she doesn’t listen. Rewa asks if she knows why she is doing this all. She calls Ritika and asks to taste her dish, she thinks there is something less in it. Her maa understands, Rewa says that Ritika is really a good cook, she will help her for sure. Ritika comes there, but she denies eating Rewa’s cooking. Rewa insists and puts a bite in Rewa’s mouth, Ritika says this is tasty and takes the plate. Her maa asks if she will eat this, she is already so worried and asks if she knows what has happened to Ritika. Rewa hugs maa thinking that neither Ritika would tell her, nor she understands what to do to cheer her up.
Bhagat walks to the corner on a road. He keeps his luggage, sits and takes his cell phone from pocket. He looks at Rewa’s missed calls, thinks about calling her saying she is so tensed. He dials the number but it was reachable. He thinks about calling dad, then thinks what his dad had said not to return home if he leaves it now. He thinks he will never call that man, then wonders what to do. He thinks he doesn’t have enough money to take a small hotel.
The next morning, a child gives Umang rose. He hands her another one, Umang asks who gave it, if he won’t tell her she will not leave him. She asks how many does he has, and brings out all of them from his bag. He asks him to tell her else she will beat him with the same bunch. Neel holds her hand, the boy asks Neel that he should have told him how dangerous his girlfriend is. Neel pleads at Umang to forgive him. Neel says he has seen his no more boy’s band, but she will have to talk to him, else his papa won’t leave him. He says his Papa called him donkey and he assured he has a girlfriend. Now she must go to meet his father for once. Umang says she knows this is his new prank so that she can tell everyone about their relation. Neel says he is telling the truth. Neel says he knows about their Pinky swear, Umang says this is only between her and Rewa. She tells Neel that she knows this is his way to make their relation public. Neel holds her hand and tells her to believe him. She says she wants to. The boy who was peeking from behind the wall comes out, he says he is leaving now as he has a date with his Monika. Neel says even he is better that himself. Umang throws the flowers at him and tells him to go and have a try with Deepam. Neel sits on the stairs wondering where he has got caught. He says there is no space for him in Umang’s heart.
Umang comes to tea stall and asks for tea, cursing and irritated by Neel saying he made up a great prank to make their relation public saying his father wants to meet his girlfriend. She sits on the bench, but Bhagat shouts at once. She notices he was asleep there. He sits up and asks for two teas. Umang asks him for explanations, Bhagat asks if she couldn’t see he was asleep. Umang asks why he is sleeping here. The stall person tells Bhagat to find another place for himself as he snores a lot. Bhagat asks Umang if she will drink three tea, Umang says she is a bit stressed. Umang asks about Bhagat staying outside, Bhagat tells about Jugnu. Umang says Jugnu had allowed himself. Bhagat says Jugnu is like that. Umang asks where he would live now, where he would eat, sleep and stay. Umang says she will help him and figure something out. Bhagat reads a message, he says no one can help him as Jugnu has called him in his office. He gets up and asks Umang to fold his bed cover, Umang shares his luggage. Bhagat leaves but Umang sits on the bench wondering if she should tell Rewa about it.
Neel was still picking up petals of roses and saying his papa will make a fun of him in the academy. Deepam comes, she says these roses are so cute, can she take one. Neel thinks he has got a good idea to show the girlfriend to Papa.
Rewa sits in the pool upset about Ritika’s message about discontinuation of her course. Umang comes there and says if she knows about Bhagat. Rewa tells her not to take his name, she doesn’t know what Bhagat has done to her. He cut her call and didn’t contact her. Umang asks if she knows what happened with him. She tells Rewa that Bhagat is in a big problem, if she knows what Jugnu did to him.

PRECAP: TK asks who knew about Bhagat staying in academy. Rewa says she knew about it. TK punishes Bhagat that he won’t get a minute off next week. Jugnu says that Rewa’s punishment is that she will be Jai’s assistant for the next week and will do what he tells her to.

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