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Rewa and Umang select dresses for Bhagat and Neel respectively, they send them to go and change and go out. Rewa thinks towards Umang why she isn’t saying anything about Neel. She finally asks Umang if she is attending Neel a lot these days. Umang says that she isn’t friend with Neel, its just that he is a bit lonely so she just helped him get rid of stress. Umang looks at Rewa and asks why she came to come and meet Bhagat so late at night. Rewa says that there is nothing like boys… its just that they are representing their family, they can atleast do this much to them.
Neel comes changed, Umang says wow. She says she never thought he could look this handsome. Rewa looks at Umang. Neel gives a flying kiss to Umang and poses like girls to model his dress. Bhagat stands next on the door, Rewa

is stunned. Umang notices Rewa this time. Bhagat walks in. Umang whistles at the modelling session between the two. Rewa gives smile to Bhagat.
Rewa and Umang watch Bhagat and Neel fighting over a shoe. Umang and Rewa go to solve the matter. Umang tells Neel to give the shoes to Neel as it matches his costume. Rewa also says the same. Bhagat is upet, and they finally tell the girls about their frustration. They tell them that in the video, they aren’t there anywhere. Jai edited the video in a way that he only appears as the hero of the video. Umang asks what they are doing about it. Bhagat says this video has been approved by coach TK and Jugnu. Umang says that the whole India is watching this video, they all must do something in the show. Bhagat says he has an idea, he and Neel need girl’s help. Bhagat says they need a camera and an editing machine as well as a lot of coffee to wake up all night. Rewa and Neel ask which plan, Bhagat asks their promise first to be a part of the plan.
Vaishnavi comes to Rewa’s home, Umang and Rewa excitedly see what she has brought to eat.
Kanika asks Jai’s mother if she needs some more juice. Mother goes to get sandwiches so that they can then watch coffee with Karan. Kanika is excited to watch Jai’s part in the video.
There Vaishnavi is excited to see Neel, they stare her. Vaishnavi qualifies that he is hot and has good body. Rewa says yes, he is really hot, isn’t he Umang? Umang says how she would know about his body. Rewa says she has selected which shirt he will wear in the show, so she must know about his body. Vaishnavi asks if UG has selected Neel’s shirt. Umang says that Neel is an idiot, he doesn’t know how to select and how to carry the dress. He must not have even ironed the shirt for show. Vaishnavi wishes she had ironed Neel’s shirt. Rewa thinks that though UG is lying, she knows what exactly it is.

PRECAP: Jai is shocked to see a changed video being played at the show in which Jai was being shown doing meditation while Neel was working out hard. Bhagat announces that though this isn’t the video that had to be played at the show, but this is all because of their coach.

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