Swim Team 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Bhagat tells Rewa that his mother teases him..So he just fooled her..Rewa asks did really Bhagat dont love anyone,,Bhagat tells that he will not tell Rewa as they are just friends..Bhagat tells they will play dumsharas..Rewa says no..Rewa goes away..TK ask How is Sana??Sana tells she is alright..TK tells he want to confess something..TK tells he really miss Sana..Sana tells she will also confess…Sana tells that there is a Brain Surgeon Mr agarwal and asked for Out but she didnt answered..TK tells its okay..Sana goes..Rewa read book Bhagat comes and sits.. Song goes on Background “ISHQ WAALA LOVE”..Bhagat shows Rewa chocolate and gestures..Rewa takes it and smiles..Bhagat gesture and and ask what REwa is doing here..Rewa gesture but Bhagat dont understand..Rewa tells that that she a cake for Jai..Bhagat tells that Rewa dont know how to play..Rewa tells that they will talk tommorrow..Rewa says bye..Rewa thanks Bhagat because of him only she and Jai patch up..Rewa goes..Bhagat feels upset…Jai sleeps..Kanika comes and sits..Kanika close Jai’s eyes..Jai touch hand and tells Rewa…Jai sees Kanika and tells that Kanika is mad..Kanika tells Jai to forgot all..Jai tells that Umang will come it will be a problem..Umang comes and sees Kanika..Umang asks did really did kanika came..Jai tells that Kanika came to meet Umang..Umang tells what crime she did that she getting such punishment..Kanika tells that she came to take tips..Umang tells at this time??Kanika tells she was getting bore..Umang sees angrily kanika..Umang ask did Kanika is playing game with Rewa or her???Kanika tells no..Jai tells stop it now..Kanika tells she is going..Umang tells Jai she dont trust Kanika..Umang says that not to allow Kanika from next time,,Jai shouts at Kanika..kanika tells that Jai insulted her…Jai tells he and Rewa are couple and he loves Rewa..Jai tell he dont care If he is out of academy also..JAi goes..Kanika tells it will be fun to throw Rewa out of Jai’s life..Bhagat thinks about Rewa..Bhagat tells he wish he and Rewa more than friends..

Precap::Umang hugs Bhagat..Bhagat tells Rewa that he dont like Umang

Update Credit to: Ansari

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