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The next morning, Bhagat wakes up, gets out of his bed and stretches himself. He wakes Neel up. Neel asks how his inner Devdas died today. Bhagat says it seems he got all so fresh, he asks Neel what happened last night. Neel thinks that Rewa came and all his problem was gone. Bhagat says this is so peaceful. Neel requests him to let him sleep.
There, TK instructs Rewa while cycling that they have to go a little bit, then she will run 2 miles.
Bhagat was looking for his phone in room, he finds Rewa’s pendant under the pillow. He asks Neel if Rewa came last night to find out what his condition is. Neel comes out of bathroom and says he went jogging last night. Bhagat was angry, Neel says neither he called Rewa nor she came here and made him sleep. Bhagat asks really, if he is dreaming? Bhagat

shows Rewa’s pendant to him. Neel laughs that this is Umang. Bhagat asks really? He asks Neel what he had mixed in his tea, as he doesn’t remember anything after drinking it. Neel runs into washroom, Bhagat says he won’t leave him.
Rewa was panting badly and feels dizzy at once, as they reach academy. TK was busy with a call, he turns to her and asks her to drink a protein shake. Rewa straightens at once as he had turned. TK goes inside. Rewa felt dizzy and heavily walks inside the academy. She looks in her bag for inhaler, it wasn’t there. She thinks she has forgotten it in locker room. She comes to locker room coughing. Bhagat looks in her locker room but inhaler wasn’t there. Rewa goes to help him, her condition worsened. Rewa says it was in there, she had kept the new one in it. Rewa had fallen down, Bhagat is concerned and asks her to calm down.
He asks her to look at him. He tells her to stay easy. Bhagat asks her to drink some warm water, her breathes come in control. He press her chest easily, she lose her grip on his hand and gets normal. He asks if she is feeling better. She says thankyou. He says he came to say thanks to her. She asks what she did. He shows her the pendant, he says thankyou for helping him sleep. She takes her pendant and says thankyou for helping her breathe. Bhagat says this is strange, he can’t sleep without her and she can’t breathe without him. Rewa says she isn’t that Rewa who came last night, she is the Rewa who has only a single goal. Bhagat watches their photo and says wish her all the best for her goal. Rewa takes her photo back. Bhagat leaves the changing room.
Kanika and Deepam watch as Neel reads the fake letter. Neel asks who that well educated boy is. Umang says she didn’t write it all, how can he believe all this. Umang says this isn’t her handwriting else he couldn’t have read it. Deepam wishes they breakup.
Bhagat finds the letter in his changing room, and wonders what?
There TK helps Rewa workout, he asks her to take a break and he will be back in five minutes. He tells Rewa the stretches to relax. He says he came to show her the letter. Rewa reads the letter, Dear Bhagat, he must stop crying for her, she wants to tell him she is with another boy of academy. Rewa says she didn’t write it. Bhagat thinks that he knows she didn’t write it, it is a prank. But she must be beware. Rewa stops Bhagat and says he has a point, she knows that she kept a new inhaler in her locker and now this in his letter, she says there is someone for sure mingling their lockers. TK comes there and asks Rewa to start the workout.
Umang tells Neel that someone is playing prank with him. Neel asks who will play prank with him. He was serious and tells her that if she didn’t love him she could have said this the very first day, why she played with his feelings like this. He throws the letter on the floor and says she did all so wrong with him. Umang keeps a hand on his shoulder, and says had she been with someone else why she would have done this. She kiss him. Deepam asks Kanika if this was her plan, why she brought her here. Umang messes with Neel’s hair and leaves him in awe.
The swimmers were having lunch together. Kanika spots Bhagat staring Rewa. Jugnu and TK come there, TK says that from now on they will all stay together from now on, as a team, all the time, 24/7. All the swimmers are staying here in academy. They can’t go home or eat at home, no fun and only swimming. Kanika says she can’t sleep anywhere exept her own bed. Jugnu says from tomorrow, no rules but to eat swimming, drink swimming and live swimming.
Bhagat gives Rewa a chit with head of security’s number. He leaves. Rewa asks the security officer to see the footage of CCTV. The officer asks if she missed something. She says her inhaler got missing. The officer says they can’t look on the cameras for her inhaler only. Rewa opens her locker, her inhaler was inside. The officer leaves annoyed.
Rewa thought that may be inhaler was here and she didn’t see it, or is it really something else. Kanika opens the door, she thinks thanks God she kept Rewa’s inhaler back. She recalls keeping it back in the locker. Rewa thinks that she feels that it wasn’t her mistake, but if this inhaler wasn’t in her locker room how it came here now. She couldn’t figure out anything.

PRECAP: TK asks the swimmers if they know about the traditions of the old champions. He eats a medal, that was a chocolate. Kanika asks why they compete for a chocolate medal? TK says this is a recognized tradition, anyone who has won this lucky charm has shine in the Olympics.

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