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Bhagat writes to Rewa to tell him when she can. He says that he is soon going to tell her about his feelings. He watches a couple playing over on the bench nearby, he watches them, then shuts his eyes and watches himself and Rewa walking together. Rewa asks him to eat Pani puri. Bhagat says it is really spicy, Rewa says can’t he even eat spicy food for him. Bhagat goes to the stall and asks him to make spicy Pani puri. Rewa teases him but he says if it proves his love for her, he will eat it. He eats it with much difficulty, she stops him saying she was kidding. He asks if she knows how much he loves her, Rewa laughs at his teary eyes. Bhagat says she looks beautiful while laughing. He says she can take test of his love anytime, she says it isn’t needed. She hugs him saying I love you. He says

I love you too. They do a race of counting their love. Neel wakes him up, Bhagat says no one even let him day dreaming well. Neel was upset, he asks Bhagat to give him a suggestion or help him as Umang is really angry at her. Neel says for his valuable advice Neel will have to pay his next week’s tea bill. Neel says he will not pay the bill infact Bhagat will pay the bill for next one month, he says that Umang has told him that she will only tell Rewa about their relation when she says yes to him. So he must go and propose her in the first place. Bhagat says this is why she had been helping him in his preparations. Neel says there is nothing like that, he must not tell Umang at all that Neel has told him everything. Bhagat disagrees, he says he won’t leave Umang, he thought she is his friend but she was being selfish. Bhagat asks what will he get even if he helps Neel. Neel says he will pay his full month’s tea bill. They sit together to discuss what to tell Umang and what not.
Rewa brings Ritz downstairs saying her mom has made Manchurian and fried rice. It is her favorite and mom has made them. Her mom says it is really good that Ritz came home, it had been so long. Ritz says she isn’t hungry. Rewa was cheerful, she says that she is really happy that Ritz came to congratulate her. Ritz says she has no appetite. Rewa says if she doesn’t eat anything, where she will get the energy to do MBA and then how she will get a good job. Ritz keeps the plate back, she says she is really fine and they don’t need take any tension, she just has a headache. She leaves the room, her mom goes behind her.
In the room, mom comes to Ritika. Ritika hugs mom who asks what has happened to her, if she needs a head massage. Ritika doesn’t speak anything. Rewa checks on Ritika’s phone, there was Harsh’s message to pick up the phone, he has been calling her since morning. She looks ahead, Ritika had texted that she will never come back to college, whenever she sees him with that girl, it kills her. Another message: please don’t contact me again, I have already told the principal that I am not continuing the course. Rewa gets worried, she says this is the problem and she will drop MBA for that boy only. she calms herself and says this can’t happen. She says that she is in love that that guy ditched her, she cries that she is really sorry that she was pretending to be happy for her only. How she couldn’t see how worried is Ritz. Ritz comes to look for her mobile, she looks into it and then turns to leave. Rewa asks if everything is fine. Ritz says yes, it is fine. Rewa calls her again and hugs her, she says that she is really happy that Ritz is here to congratulate her. Ritz thinks she wish to share her problems with Rewa. Ritz says good night to her, she really has head ache. Rewa suggests to make strong tea for her, Ritz says its ok and goes inside. Rewa wonders what she must do for her but couldn’t get any idea.
At night, Neel was in his room when he gets a call. It was his Papa ji who asks Neel what he was doing. Neel says his Nationals are near, he was practicing. His father says he knows he must be putting on a crème on his body, Neel throws the balm he had in his hand. His papa says that since childhood Neel was no like a guy. His papa says he is a guy and doesn’t have a girlfriend. He calls him idle and useless, so they have found a girl for him. Neel says he won’t do an arrange marriage but love marriage. His papa says he will need a girl for love marriage. Neel says he has a thousand girls flat on him. He tells his Papa that he already has a girlfriend. His Papa asks if he has ever hold her hand, that girl must have said I love you to him by herself. Is this false? Neel says he is right. His papa says he won’t accept whatever Neel is saying. If there is a girl he must bring that girl, else he must marry to their choice of girl. Neel keeps on insisting him, but his papa hangs on. Neel is worried and wonders how to make up Umang, he calls her. Umang was in bath, Neel was worried and says please pick up the phone, she is so angry and isn’t worth showing his face to her. Umang picks up her phone and disconnects the call.
Rewa was worried in her room and tries Umang’s number. Umang keeps on ignoring the phone thinking its Neel. Rewa wonders what she must do, then calls Bhagat. In the academy’s changing room, Bhagat picks up Rewa’s call. He sits up at her voice and asks where she was, he tried her number so much. Rewa says she is telling him, she says problem is Ritika. Bhagat asks what this means. Bhagat hears footsteps and is concerned. Rewa asks him to listen to her. Someone flashes light on his face, he says he will call her back. The man comes out to be Jugnu.

PRECAP: Jugnu says to Bhagat that this is strictly against rules that he stays here. He must get out right now. Bhagat stands outside the academy with the luggage, Jugnu asks him to go and take help from Rewa.

Update Credit to: Sona

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