Swim Team 31st July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Umang sees TK’s picture and cries tells that she will not let TK go with Sana,,She will destroy the relationship..Rewa comes and tells Pixy and Deepum Hi,,She opens the locker and sees frog,,Rewa shows it to Deepum and tells she is not scared of this plastic frog,,Deepum tells that all suspense broked..Kanika comes,,Deepum tells Kanika to close eye as its JC new formula,,Kanika closes her eyes Deepum puts the frog,,Kanika shouts..Rewa tells Kanika to kiss the frog..Deepum and Pixy laughs..Kanika tells Rewa who knows that Rewa’s prince charming may be frog,,Deepum tells Kanika to go into movies..Deepum and Pixy goes..Kanika gives Rewa earings,,Rewa asks why Kanika is giving??Kanika tells she will feel good,,Rewa tells she dont want and goes..Kanika tells that Rewa trust Jai soo much that she is not doubting,,Bhagat and Umang excercise,,Umang says that Love sucks..Bhagat tells that Love is awesome,Umang ask did Bhagat is in love??Bhagat tells yes but one sided love!!Umang ask who is the girl,,Bhagat tells Rewa,Umang asks Rewa??Bhagat tells no he was seeing where Rewa is going..Umang tells she is unable to understand that they are in love with someone who are involved,He says that Love is unconditional,He feels bad but will not stop loving,,Umang says she is not that good,Bhagat says every-time UG want to compete in Swimming,love everything!!Umang ask why Bhagat is not moving on??Bhagat says he dont want to..Bhagat comes and tells Hi to Rewa,,She tells that ordered food and prepared for Bhagat,,Bhagat tells himself that he is Very bad person because he hide a lot of things,,Rewa tells she is sorry Bhagat tells its okay and stop acting soo cool..Rewa touches Bhagat and tells lets eat,,Bhagat smiles..

Precap::Rewa tells Bhagat that her earing’s screw is lost,,Bhagat searches it

Update Credit to: Ansari

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