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Neel says to Umang that she didn’t say I love you to him. Umang says she just had to answer in yes and no, he had trapped her then. Neel had his arm around Umang and says she can only leave by saying I love you to him. Umang says she isn’t in a hurry to go back home. Neel says he will be responsible for whatever happens here tonight. Umang dares him, he comes to her and was about to kiss when she dodges him and says he is too slow. He turns around, she hugs him from back. He turns and hugs her tight.
Rewa and Bhagat enjoy tea at a stall, Bhagat presents her with flowers plucking from the passage.
Umang and Neel spend some cozy time together, while Rewa and Bhagat enjoy each other’s company. Neel rids Umang on his bicycle to home, she heads towards the gate. Neel stops her and caresses

Rewa and Bhagat reach home, Rewa tells him to be quiet as the open the door.
Rewa was in the bed, happily thinking about the proposal. Bhagat thinks about Rewa in his room. Rewa comes out of her room then thinks Bhagat must be asleep, she must not disturb him. Bhagat calls her from upstairs. Both sit on terrace for a while. Rewa fell asleep in Bhagat’s room on the couch. He holds her to her room and lay her on her bed, taking her shoes off. He kisses the back of her hand and watches her.
In the academy, next morning, Deepam watches Neel working out. She thinks he looks decent, should she ask him for one more date. She comes and asks Neel what he is doing. He says exercise. Deepam asks how his father is. She was asking how they are getting along. She says their parents talk to each other often, she blackmails again saying they must again arrange a fake date together. Neel says she is really sweet, she always thinks about him. He says he wouldn’t need her help for a long time. Deepam asks why, if he has got another girlfriend. He says it is something like that. Deepam asks what is that, he says he can’t tell her. Deepam says he told her about his father but no more trust him. She heads to leave. Neel asks to promise she won’t tell anyone about it. She agrees for top secret. He tells her about Rewa and Bhagat being a couple, and all his mess has been solved. He tells her to shut up, and not tell anyone about it. He says now he can tell his Papa ji the truth, there is no problem in his life anymore.
Kanika was in the locker room, Deepam comes and gossips with her about Rewa and Bhagat’s couple. Kanika asks what? Then gets happy and says that is great. She comes to Jai besides the pool and tells him about Rewa and Bhagat. Jai says this is false information. Kanika says Deepam told her and she was told by Neel. And he knows Neel and Bhagat are fast friends. She says Rewa moved on so fast. Jai thinks if Rewa has moved on as well. He picks the post cards of I love you. The pool cleaner says these belongs to Rewa, he asked him for decoration and it looked beautiful. Jai is angry and asks if he proposed her in academy. He calls Umang who was passing by, and asks if Bhagat proposed Rewa in academy. Umang says if it means he is going to complain about Bhagat to TK and Jugnu then it is not going to happen, they just had a patch up and she will be pissed off. Jai asks if she doesn’t trust him, she must chill. Umang leaves. Kanika asks Jai if it matters to him about Rewa and Bhagat. Jai denies.
Deepam wonders what she must do to spend time with him. Umang watches her there and stops by, she says hi to her and says she thought about speaking to her. Deepam was shocked. Umang says they are buddies still they didn’t talk to each other for a long time. She sits besides Deepam and says she put on a great nail paint, she tried to find this shade a lot. She says to Deepam that their choices are really similar. She then appreciates Deepam’s ear pins, Deepam tells her to keep it. Umang says she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t take second handed things. She says that next time if they like something she will take it first.
Bhagat was in the kitchen in the morning, Rewa’s mom comes there. Rewa comes there too. Bhagat says their breakfast is ready. Rewa’s mother says what she will do if he leaves, and asks Rewa if they must keep him here. Rewa says he will become useless like her if he lives here for a long time. Bhagat laughs and announces their pancakes are ready. Rewa smiles. Umang comes outside and smiles texting Rewa about their unfinished chat about last night. Rewa was in the pool smiling, Umang comes and asks what she wanted to tell her last night. Rewa thinks how she must tell her that she has broken their no more boys deal. She asks Umang to come in the pool. Rewa wonders why she is being so nervous, afterall he is Umang. No matter what she does herself she will always spy on Rewa. Umang gets in the pool and teases Rewa if she got lost watching her s*xy body. She tells Umang that she knows UG is hiding something. Umang is silent for a while.

PRECAP: Bhagat and Neel were bathing in the pool. Both Umang and Rewa appreciate their boyfriends. Rewa asks Bhagat what he has planned for their first date.

Update Credit to: Sona

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