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Mother tells that Rewa need only two hundred eighty calories and no dinner,Rewa appreciates and gets happy..Ritika comes and hugs Rewa,She sees Salad and tells that Thankgod going Calcutta as she will never eat Salad..Rewa forcefully puts Salad in Ritika’s mouth,Mother gets happy..Later Rewa misses talking to Bhagat,Bhagat calls and asks If She did’nt slept He tells that Rewa have to improve her timing as Zonals are coming and He will train her,She tells no need Bhagat tells that its Okay.She agrees
Bhagat tells that one day Rewa will be his Next Morning Ritika and Rewa click pictures Mother tells that she pray to god Rewa and Ritia will be successful She tells that Rewa will feel Proud to her father,Mother and Rewa hugs each other At academy in Gym..Pixy punches Rewa tells its her chance Pixy refuses to move,Rewa goes angrily..
At night Rewa swims Bhagat tells to be faster,She comes out and tells that her shoulder is Paining,Bhagat tells that her every stroke is difficult to do..Both Bhagat and Rewa goes in Pool,Bhagat Holds Rewa from back and Helps her tells that She have to work on her Upper shoulder Song plays on Background “SAANS MEIN TERI SAANS MILI TOH” Rewa feels Shy and goes,Bhagat asks If She is al-right,Rewa tells that will continue tomorrow..Suddenly Jai comes and Bumps into Rewa..Jai tells Private lessons and tells to continue,Rewa tells She will talk to Jai..she tells Jai that there is no time for Zonals So she was Practising here,Kanika comes and tells Jai that they are late for dinner,Jai tells Rewa to stop stalking him and He believe that Kanika will win..Next day Umang and Rewa practises..Rewa tells Umang that Boys is Problem and No one will Distract herself from Swimming..

Precap::Umang tells Rewa that they will never talk to Boys till Zonals

Update Credit to: Ansari

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