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In the academy Neel was working out. Bhagat asks Neel why he seems so tired, didn’t he sleep all night. Neel asks why he wouldn’t sleep for the night, if he is ill. Bhagat still stares him, Neel asks the reason. Bhagat asks if he slept in time, Neel asks why he is doing an investigation of himself. Bhagat says he can tell him that yesternight. Rewa comes there, Neel doesn’t listen to Bhagat further. Rewa is afraid if Bhagat is speaking to Neel about last night. She hugs Neel and says to Bhagat she needs to talk to him. She takes him aside and says she doesn’t want him to talk to anyone about the last night. She wants to teach a lesson to UG. Rewa says there are two reasons, firstly she broke the no boy deal and she didn’t even tell her about her new boyfriend, crush or anything. She will teach

her a lesson, and he must do what Rewa says. Bhagat agrees but he says that they must atleast ask. Rewa keeps a finger on his mouth saying no means no. Bhagat keeps staring her. Kanika was coming from the corridor, she asks can she roam? Rewa tells him to put it on, and go for practice. Bhagat leaves. Knika teases Rewa if she didn’t find a better excuse than this.
Jugnu gets a call from Aaliya, he flirts that whenever he hears her voice his day is spent well. Vaishnavi talked to him changing her voice. Jugnu asks her to meet him. She asks what his favorite colour is, he cheers that she is flat on him. Jugnu tells her to wear red colour. Pixie speaks this time, Jugnu asks why she has changed the voice. She says that she is an actress and changes characters and voices. Jugnu boasts he is a businessman. They both come out of office, Vaishnavi and Pixie run back into changing room. Vaishnavi plans a meetup with him saying she likes the guys wearing pick shirts and those with pets on it.
TK observes the swimming session of Neel and Bhagat. He whistles and asks them to come out, he asks why they are doing blind fold race, did they ask anyone. Both begin to argue. Tk says zonals are going to start in a few days, they will get a chance to show their abilities there. He asks what preparations they are doing for the show. Both say they aren’t ready to go with each other. He tells them that their diet, routine and everything has to be filmed, they need a coach for this and Jai will do this. Both are worried at the name of Jai. TK says he has talked to Jai already about it. TK says he will do the shoot, edit and get is ready. Both Neel and Bhagat were angry at him together. Jai says he knows how much they both like him, but they must keep their personal favorites aside while work, and tells them to follow him.
Rewa was sitting beside the pool. Umang comes there and hopes Rewa is still not pissed off from her. She comes to Rewa and says that this DVD contains best swimming techniques, these will help her in zonals. Rewa is curt that she is still not here to tell her about Neel Tandon. They must play games if she wants to. Rewa cheers, thanks Umang and is normal. Umang asks is she not angry at her. Rewa says she went home and thought about it, she sorted out that Umang is her best friend and doesn’t hide anything from her. She says to Umang that she never hid anything from her, and she had fought her bestie just to go on Coffee with Karan. Umang was upset. Rewa thinks there is a limit of pretending, will she tell her anything about Neel and herself. Umang begins to say something about truth. Rewa says she can’t tell her the truth right, it is ok, she must have a deal with someone. Rewa hugs her saying she is her bestie. Umang wonders why is Rewa so cool, if she found out she did it for her and Bhagat. Rewa thinks this is so unlike UG that she is hiding it so well. Rewa holds Umang’s hand saying she even got Umang disqualified from the show as well. She observes Umang and asks why she is pretending as if she has done some cheating, if she did some? Both get to fake each other by hugging, Umang also think that she knows something that she isn’t sharing with UG.
Jai shoots about a good drink at the start of the day, then a little warmup. He only films himself. Neel and Bhagat are both curt that he is not making their video but his owns.

PRECAP: Bhagat brings Rewa to a room by keeping a hand on her eyes. She is shocked to see the flowers in front of her. She cheers and asks if he has brought them all for her. He plucks a red rose from the bouquet.

Update Credit to: Sona

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