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Bhagat says everything, then calls Rewa and asks why she isn’t saying anything. He asks if she is upset, goes forward and finds Rewa asleep. He calls her name, but she was deep in her sleep. He regrets saying No!, then keeps looking at her for a while, smiling. Wind blows her hair over her face, he removes them and smiles thinking about her in the party. He says she is so adorable. He holds her in his arms and carry her inside. He lay her in bed, gets close to her for a while, and then carefully removes his hand from beneath her. He drapes her with the quilt and sits there on the bed watching her sleep. He whispers good night to her. Umang comes there and asks what is happening here, did he propose. Bhagat hushes her up, and says he will do whatever he has to but what urgency is she in. Umang avoids

him and tells him to go out. Bhagat turns to look at her again, Umang says to Bhagat that he has to be of any use tomorrow and propose her. She pushes him out of the room. Umang comes to bed and wonders when he would propose. When he would propose, and when would she be able to announce her relation.
The next morning, Deepam wakes up thinking about Umang and Neel together. She wonders what she must do to stop them. She thinks about an idea and calls maa. Her maa is happy to see the call, she asks what need she has now of her. Deepam asks maa if she would only call her because of any need only. Her maa says she never calls otherwise. Deepam says she has something important to tell her, but she must first sit down to overcome the happiness.
Ritika was crying at home, her mother comes with food. Ritika says she is going inside, isn’t hungry. Her mother asks what is it about, why is she worried. Ritika lays her head in her lap, and says there is nothing. Her mother says there is something, but Ritika shows herself cheered up to her. Her mother leaves with the food. Ritika cries again. Her phone rings, she picks the call and asks why is she calling again and again. She says she has seen his pictures with another girl on timeline, she says she can’t come there and can’t see him with some other girl. She cries again.
Deepam tells her mother that she is ready to get married. Her maa is elated. Deepam says she really thinks that she is enough done with studies. Her maa asks if they must look for a proposal. Deepam asks what about that Neel Chaudhry. Her mother says that Deepam wasn’t in a mood to marry him before. She says that he must be nice if her parents had liked him. Her maa says they will soon go to his home for proposal. Deepam jumps on the bed, cheers and talks to mirror calling herself Mrs. Deepam Neel Chaudhary. She says as long as Neel’s name is getting connected to her, she would like her name anyway. She says she would now see how Umang takes Neel from her.
Rewa wakes up, her head banging badly. She looks around, then calls UG. UG comes out of bath and wishes her morning. Rewa says she was outdoor, how she came in. Umang tells her Bhagat brought her here. Rewa asks how. She tells UG that Bhagat was behaving really weird and wanted to say something, if she has an idea what he was telling her. Umang thinks they both and their misconnections. Umang says she has no idea. Rewa says he had done a cute arrangement for two people, there were lights around. Umang says how sweet, what he was saying. Rewa says he was telling her what makes him happy. Umang asks why he would tell her what made him happy. Rewa was speechless. Umang asks what else he was saying, so that she can understand what he was trying to say. Rewa tells UG that she was sitting, he made the sitting arrangement for two and there was a video. She says if it was just a video, why he made an arrangement for two people. Rewa says then he sat down, Umang poses kneeling down. Rewa nods, she says that Bhagat then says that we both understand each other really well. Umang is excited and asks if they do?

PRECAP: Rewa tells Bhagat she had never felt it before what she do now. He asks what? She tells him to come close. He does. She whispers that she never knew she would say this to anyone.

Update Credit to: Sona

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