Swim Team 30th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Jai somehow Manages to convince Kanika,,Kanika hugs Jai,,Jai smiles..Deepum and Pixy throws frog on kanika,,She screams and shouts..Pixy tells that it is in her shirt,Kanika shouts and moves here and there,,Kanika sees and tell its a duplicate frog..Pixy and Deepum laughs…Jai tells Pixy and Deepum to stop it,Pixy tells it is a joke!!
Sana tell TK even remember small small things,TK tells that Sana taste is very good and he like that,,Sana and TK goes..Umang tells that she loved TK very much but now hate him and will destroy,,Another-side Bhagat sits his mother comes..Bhagat is shocked..Mother tells that today is his sister’s birthday and why would she wont come??Bhagat tells hugs his mother and tells that he is coward as he didn’t said truth to Rewa,,Rewa comes..Mother tells to come in,,Mother hugs Rewa,,Rewa sees cupcakes and tells its her favourite,,Rewa tells Bhagat’s mother they are wearing same colour dress,,Mother tells whenever Bhagat see someone wearing green he calls them “PARROT”,,And also Bhagat sees horror moves and gets scared,,Rewa laughs.. Bhagat tells to stop it and its not fair,,Mother tells she is liking Rewa,,Mother tells that Rewa came in birthday celebration..Rewa asks whose birthday??Mother tells that Bhagat’s sister,,Rewa is shocked and tells that Bhagat has sister also??Mother says yes but she is died in a car accident and was a swimmer,,Rewa gets upset and tells that such things will shared to close friends only and she is not,,Rewa tells sorry and goes..Bhagat sadly sees Rewa,,Mother tells Rewa is very good and not to let her go as she is very special..

Precap:Rewa tells Bhagat that she lost the screw of her earing

Update Credit to: Ansari

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