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Bhagat says to Rewa that she is the center of attraction of this evening, she must not step out of this spot light. She nods, smiling. Bhagat heads towards her and asks for her hand. Rewa keeps her hand on him, Bhagat asks her to go and stand on that winning podium. Rewa asks what this all is? Bhagat says this all is only for her. She smiles, then goes to stand there on the first position holder’s step. Bhagat says now, if she permits he wants to say something to her. Bhagat says when he first saw her he knew that there can’t be anyone in her place, in his life. He has met a lot of people afterwards, tried to find her in them but couldn’t. Does she know why? Because she is special, the most special person in the whole world. He wanted to tell her for a long time, but couldn’t get courage. Rewa’s

tears had spill. Bhagat says he can stop himself now, he always wanted this day to come. She is here today in front of him, he doesn’t want to lose the chance. Rewa cried. Bhagat asks Rewa’s hand and asks her to jump in water with him. She looks in astonishment, Bhagat takes his jacket off and jumps in water. Rewa hurries in water behind him. In the pool, Bhagat held a bouquet for her, shows her postcards of I love you. She keeps a hand on her mouth, then swims to hug him. Both come out of the water and hug each other. Rewa gets apart, Bhagat looks expecting but she turns away and gets out of the pool, takes her bag and runs away. Bhagat goes behind her, she shuts the glass door. He holds it, he says he has been waiting for this moment for so many days, finally he got the courage. Rewa was speechless, Bhagat was worried and requests her to say something. She takes a lipstick from her bag and writes I love you with it on the glass. Bhagat touches each word of it, crying in elation. Both smile. Rewa kiss the glass, Bhagat kiss her with glass between them. They dance on the pool side.
Neel was in the locker room with mosquitoes and wonders where Bhagat is. Bhagat comes there feeling shy. Neel hugs and dances with him in celebration that his proposal has been accepted. Bhagat says it was his proposal and Neel is happier. Neel says this is brotherhood, now they will celebrate.
Rewa comes to terrace, shocked about all that happened, all that Bhagat said. She smiled happily.
Umang dances with Neel and Bhagat. She asks them to stop it, and let’s see what Rewa says. She picks Rewa’s call. Rewa says she has to tell her something. Umang asks what happened, why she sounds so excited. Rewa says Umang must feel really surprised, more than surprised she is amazed. She says she doesn’t know if Umang will be surprised, or amazed. She doesn’t know how to tell Umang. Umang tells Rewa to breathe first and tell her what the matter is about. Neel whispers to Bhagat that Rewa is really shy. Rewa laughs first, then watches her friendship band of deal and gets worried thinking how she can tell about Bhagat, she will kill her. She gets worried at once. Umang asks Rewa if she is there. Rewa says it is something important, she will tell her tomorrow in academy. Umang asks what happened, she was really excited. She says if Rewa doesn’t tell her she will come to the beach to meet her. Rewa asks wasn’t she asleep and how she knows she isn’t home. Umang regrets. Neel takes the phone and Bhagat and Neel both scold her. Rewa asks Umang if she is there. Umang says she was at home, she was saying if Rewa wants to speak to her she can come. Rewa hangs on saying she will tell everything to her in academy tomorrow. Neel and Bhagat say they must spend their moments together and let Bhagat go and enjoy his. Neel hold Umang with back close to himself.
Rewa was on the entrance of academy upset how she will tell Umang that she has broken their deal. She was standing on the terrace smiling to herself, Bhagat comes to blow her hair and sits besides her and asks if she was waiting for him, his girlfriend! She says yes, my boyfriend. He takes her to bike. Rewa says she had never thought she could be so happy with something, and now she doesn’t want this moment to end ever. Bhagat says he also wants time to stop, forever and ever. Rewa says atleast, they can extend this time. Bhagat keeps his arms around her neck, Rewa says they would reach soon with bike, shouldn’t they walk. Bhagat says his girlfriend is really intelligent.

PRECAP: Next morning, Jai was angry watching the post cards. He asks Umang if he is getting it right and Bhagat proposed Rewa on the pool. Rewa and Umang sat with pool side, they watched Neel and Bhagat bathing. Both says hers is more handsome.

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