Swim Team 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dr Sana tells Rewa to take rest and she will be alright..Sana tells Some test are important..Rewa tells is it??Jai tells he will do..Sana goes..Rewa tells After day will go for training..JAi agrees.In acadamey..TK stops Rewa and asks If she is all set to race..TK tells Rewa Team work is very important and tells that Rewa have to become rock solid for team mates,,Rewa tells she forgot something and goes up..Umang sees report and tells why Rewa lied her..Jugnu stops Umang and asks If she find out Information about TK’s strategy…Jai comes and asks Umang did she saw Rewa..Jai asks How is all going on..Umang tells it will be good If stop thinking about other’s..TK thinks about Sana..The moments spent with..TK swims..Anotherside Deepum talks to A NRI on Video call..Rewa comes in middle

and tells that she wanted to tells about Deepum,,,Rewa tells she is best friend of Deepum and she loves Deepum,,Boy tells thats very cute..Rewa tells she love Deepum..Boy tells How comes???Rewa tells she like hot girls..Boy gets shocked..Pixy tells the boy to get lost..
Deepum thanks Rewa,,,Rewa tells she has done as a team..Rewa comes and sits in Car…Jai tells he was waiting from that time..Rewa asks If Reports came…Rewa checks the report..Jai tells its Rotator cough injury and tells to chill…Jai tells no Butterfly stroke..Rewa tells she was worried..Umang do pushups…Jugnu sees and tells that Umang is hiding something..BHagat comes and asks what happened??Umang tells there is a big problem..Umang tells Bhagat that Rewa is hiding…Bhagat tells let it go..Umang tells that she care about Rewa..UMang promise Bhagat not to tell anyone..Umang tells that Rewa has Rotator cough injury..Jugnu hides and listens..Jugnu laughs..Rewa tells If Jugnu came to known then he will do Butterfly stroke in the race..Bhagat tells that Rewa dont trust Umang…Umang tells Rewa is her besti..Bhagat tells Umang not to talk about this..Umang tells she will not talk..Bhagat tells all the best and focus..Umang goes..Bhagat smiles…Umang sleeps,,Mother brings dinner and tells to eat as tomorrow is race…Mother tells not to get worried as Umang is number one swimmer and broke many records..Umang runs in bathroom,,,Mother asks what happened??Umang comes out and tells she is sick..Umang sleeps..Jai Comes and tells he want to talk to her..Mother goes…Rewa eat tablets..Mother tells that Pixy deepum and kanika came..Kanika tells to chill..Kanika tells there is a bad news..Deepum tells there is a big problem..Kanika tells TK came to known about all..Rewa asks what??Kanika tells not to hide..

Precap:Jugnu tells he have decided to do Butterfly strock..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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