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Rewa tells Bhagat that she cannot earn money in very less talk,He tells that crowd is not good and he is concern about it..He tells to promise,or else will go..He drops Her home and tells to forget the stupid idea..Rewa tells its her mistake would have not taken him there..Jugnu gives Sana’s letter to TK,He sees and tells that Sana left the academey..Jugnu goes..Anotherside kanika tells Pixy and Deepum.will gift a leather jacket..
Kanika asks Rewa want that jacket,Pixy tells that there is no  jacket for cheater’s..Deepum says that Rewa didn”t return money..Kanika says that father charitable trust is there and he can help Rewa,Rewa tells she dont want and will return the money..
Rewa tells Bhagat that she is not loser niether need charity and will participate in wall of  death and goes..Bhagat stops her and tells that the game is dangerous..She tells that dont have any other option and cries..Both of them argue,Bhagat tells he will support her..Rewa hugs..Music plays in background..Umang listens all..At academey Umang pushes Bhagat in pool, and jumps..She beats Bhagat and tell that trying to take best friend..Rewa comes and tells to stop..Umang tell the idea is exciting and they will do together,Bhagat tells he will also do..Three of them enjoy in the pool..
      Kanika tells Jai that she planned a surprise for him,Umang call and tells Jai..He tells that is trapped here.Jai tells Kanika that he have to go in reception and goes..Anotherside Rewa gets ready and thinks about her mother..
Precap:Rewa jumps in the pool Bhagat and Umang is worried

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