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Jai was still shooting with Bhagat and Neel. He calls them dumb, Neel says he may be dumb not Bhagat. Kanika hugs Jai that they are really irritating, Jai says he will handle them. He tells Bhagat and Neel to go for run. Bhagat was doing workout. Jai still shoots himself more than the contestants. Kanika says to Bhagat that she is watching him, he isn’t cooperating with Jai. Bhagat says she has been cooperating with Jai more than needed, she is baby-sitting her baby who bounces again and again. Kanika says she knows that it was Bhagat’s idea to switch teams in swim diaries, so if he still stays non cooperative she will tell Rewa everything. Bhagat says she must do whatever she wants to. Those who don’t have anything have no fear to lose. He loves Rewa and it isn’t written anywhere they can’t,

but she and Jai loves each other being a swimmer and a staff member and that’s against rules. She can decide herself who is in more problem now. Kanika wipes sweat. Bhagat tells Kanika to be very careful. Kanika leaves.
Neel was working out, Jai tells him to prepare for hit-boxing. He will meet him in 15 min. Kanika comes there and tells Jai she is so upset. She calls Bhagat a non-serious, jerk. Jai is rude to her, he says he doesn’t want to hear anything about Bhagat, he is already stressed for the video, and so she must stop irritating him and let him work.
Neel and Bhagat watch the video in front of Jugnu, Jai played the central role. Jugnu says he likes the video. TK says Neel and Bhagat are a bit less in the video, but it is really informative. Jugnu gets Aaliya’s call, he stands to leave telling TK to take hold of the matters. TK appreciates Jai and tells Neel and Bhagat that there dresses are here, he is hoping well from them for the show. Jai says that Bhagat wanted to teach him a lesson, now he has taught one and leaves.
Neel curses Jai, Bhagat says he knows Jai will do this only. Neel says he made him work too much for the whole day. Bhagat says he knows Jai well. They get into an argument, but Neel calms him down and asks him to select the dress. Bhagat thinks that Neel isn’t wrong, Jai did this all because of him and Neel had to suffer. Neel says it is so difficult to choose the dresses. Bhagat texts for help.
Pixie and Vaishnavi watch Jugnu holding the board of his name in his hand. They laughed watching him as they called him crazy. Vaishnavi asks if the camera is ready, Pixie begins the shoot. Jugnu watches a girl passing by busy on phone, he calls her baby. The girl slaps him calling him an idiot. He gets Aaliya’s call, Vaishnavi says she will get late twenty minutes. He must hold his board on his head, and must not sit else how she will recognize him? They both laugh and watch Jugnu posing crazy. He is frustrated in the end and sits on the grass holding the board. He suddenly remembers Aaliya had asked him not to sit, he stands again. The girls keep on enjoying. In the end, Jugnu fell asleep with a wall, Pixie and Vaishnavi take his pictures. They run away as soon as he moves.
Umang comes in the dressing room, asking Neel if he called her. Bhagat smiles, Umang makes up and says since she was passing by she thought about missing them both. Bhagat wonders how much will she lie to him. Umang murmurs that Neel had to call her now. Bhagat says she is too sweet to come in time. Both share smiles. Neel thinks why is she always rude with him, when at night she was so good. Rewa comes there as well, Bhagat tells Rewa that Neel needed Umang’s help so he called her here. Rewa says alright, Neel needed her help. Rewa says this is wonderful, she has been helping anyone nowadays. Umang says she was nearby so came to help him. She asks Rewa why she came here. Rewa says Bhagat needed her help, he called her. Neel asks what the big deal is if he called Umang. Umang says she is getting late, what help he needed. Rewa thinks that Umang even made Neel shut up.

PRECAP: Bhagat brings Rewa to a room by keeping a hand on her eyes. She is shocked to see the flowers in front of her. She cheers and asks if he has brought them all for her. He plucks a red rose from the bouquet.

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