Swim Team 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Rewa tells TK she want to confess something that he gave meaning to her life..Umang confess Rewa that she is her life.,,Rewa tells for Rewa she can do anything..Bhagat comes..Rewa sees Bhagat..Kanika confess to Jai that she will take him from Rewa…Jai tells its nothig like that ..Jai confess that he is just physicallt attracted to her,,Jai tells no-one can come between him and Rewa..Deepum confess Pixy that she missed her in camp..Rewa sits..Kanika comes and tells she want to confess something that will change her life..Rewa tells before also Kanika tried to ruin her life but failed..
Kanika tells “I did it with your Boyfriend”..Rewa is shocked…Kanika tells Bhagat,,Rewa is shocked…Kanika tells that he met Bhagat in Pool..And they did…Rewa goes..Kanika is shocked..Rewa tells how is that possible..Anotherside Sana sees her picture with TK and miss him…Song goes on Background..Sana cries..Sana writes a note to TK..Jugnu asks Sana what she is doing here..Sana tells only few minutes was there..Jugnu tells to meet TK and goes..Sana goes..Jugnu reads Sana note and finds out that TK broked up with girlfriend..Jugnu stops Sana and tells he had an offer for Sana..Jugnu tells did Sana want to come back..TK comes..Jugnu tells San and TK to meet..Jugnu tells sana and TK to confess something…TK tells he want to confess…Bhagat talks on phone and tells that the girl is very cute and he likes him her all thing..Rewa listens and tells that Bhagat is mad of Kanika..Rewa comes in Bhagat room..Rewa tells she listen all..Rewa tells that Bhagat likes girls like Kanika..Rewa tells that Bhagat and Kanika did it..Rewa tells that Kanika said all….Bhagat laughs loudly..Bhagat tells he dont believe it…Bhagat tells that Kanika is a lier..Bhagat tells Rewa is a big stupid..Rewa tells she also thought for a while but..Bhagat tells there is nothing between him and Kanika…Rewa tells she is going..Rewa asks Bhagat on phone who he was talking about??Bhagat is quiet…

Precap::Kanika comes and sits near Bhagat..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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