Swim Team 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bhagat says he couldn’t sleep for a few days. Umang asks really, for how many days. She says that Nationals are here, he must focus. Bhagat says his sleep isn’t linked to Rewa. Rewa comes there, she asks to talk for a while. Bhagat stands up hopefully, Rewa says not him but Umang. Bhagat looks at their faces, then say he will go away. Umang stops him and says she will talk to Rewa outside. Rewa looks at Bhagat then goes out. Neel asks Bhagat what has happened to him.
Umang and Rewa together say that they need to talk. Rewa says she wanted to talk to her for such a long time. Umang says we can talk to each other about anything. Rewa says yes, they can freely talk to each other about anything. Umang starts that Bhagat had an accident while working out today, he has lost his focus and his career

will be lost. She says that this is happening because of their breakup. Rewa asks UG how she can say this, when they were together Umang thought that he is a distraction. And now when she is determined to do something, Umang wants her to go back to him. Umang says she must help him now else he will spoil his career. Rewa says she can’t help him, she herself was so unfocussed since last night. Umang says that it was her duty to tell her, it is Rewa’s problem to handle him. She says if Rewa doesn’t need to take any pain, she and Neel will take care of Bhagat. Umang asks if she has something else to say to her. Rewa says no, she must leave for practice.
Deepam reads a fake letter for Neel from Umang, it said that now she is with someone more literate, and handsome than him. Kanika reads Rewa’s fake letter that she never loved Bhagat and is with some other boy of academy, he is better deserving to be a champion than him. They put the letters in envelope, Kanika says there will be fireworks among the couples. Deepam says she wishes to see those fireworks. The girls’ cheers, Kanika says they have worked so hard they will get to see it.
Neel was making green tea, Bhagat comes there. Neel says he has made it for him, he will feel better by drinking it. Bhagat smells it and remembers Rewa had brought green tea for him to help him sleep. Rewa says he is sleepless because he drinks coffee. Neel asks Bhagat to take it. Bhagat makes a bad face and asks what green tea it is, Neel compels him to have it as it helps making body as well.
Rewa sat in her room, frustrated. She thinks about calling Bhagat, texts him that she hopes he is doing well, then deletes the text. Bhagat feels dizzy saying he is feeling sleepy. Neel asks him to sleep. Neel thinks this is what he wanted. Bhagat types for Rewa, how she is, and then erazes it. Rewa types and erase another message for Bhagat. Bhagat writes I miss you, then erases it. Rewa was having head ache. She gets a message from TK, if she has taken a decision. Rewa was even tensed. She looks at her photo with Bhagat on phone, Bhagat’s promises. Tk’s warnings, her mom’s warnings. She says she can’t live with so much pain. Rewa drives, she says to TK that she is thankful he met her so late, it wasn’t easy for her. TK asks if she has decided, she hands him the letter. She turns around. TK says that the shelf life of a sports person is very little, love and friendship will come and go but no matter how much she tries but she won’t get this time back. Rewa nods, she turns and says he is telling her this when there is no love and friendship in her life. TK asks if she thinks he likes living alone, if he doesn’t want any friend, companion in his life. He says one has to make difficult choices in life, if she wants to be a champion she must learn to live alone, make sacrifices. He says he also wants love and friendship in his life, but if she knows what he has. He shows her his medal. He says he wants her to touch her real gold medal, get where even he couldn’t. Rewa cries, TK hugs her and says he knows she can do it. He has faith in her, he tells her to wipe her tears now. Rewa says from tomorrow, there will be nothing between her and her goals. She leaves.
Rewa comes to Neel, she says UG told her everything and wants to meet Bhagat. Neel is happy and says he knows all about it. Bhagat dreams about their proposal. Rewa asks Neel how is Bhagat. Neel says he mixed medicine in his green tea. Rewa asks if he is an idiot. Neel says he couldn’t see him in his Devdas avatar. Rewa says she is going to meet him. Neel says this is what he wanted, to caress her Devdas again. Bhagat murmured Rewa’s name in his dream, Rewa sits beside him and asks if he is fine? Bhagat says yes he is fine, since their breakup he is sleepless. He likes that her memories doesn’t let him sleep, he meets her in memories. Rewa sits near his pillow, takes his head on her lap and says he will sleep soon. Bhagat gets relax as she moved her hand in his hair. She asks if he is relaxed now. Bhagat says it seems so real, and smiles. Rewa says it is a dream, it will go by tomorrow. She kiss his face, help him lay in bed.
At 4 am, Rewa wakes up from alarm. She shuts it off, leaves the house. TK asks if she is ready to do stamina building exercise for long distance race. Rewa says yes, she is.

PRECAP: Jugnu says they will all eat together till Nationals. TK says they will live as a team. Jugnu says they will shift their beddings in locker room, they will eat, drink and live swimming.

Update Credit to: Sona

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