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Bhagat hits Jugnu while he was in a hurry. Jugnu wonders where he is getting the milk pack in academy.
Bhagat gets the milk pack. Rewa says she will make the tea now, Bhagat says no she will not make the tea. Rewa says she will make it as he had made it last time. He says this is his place, he will make the tea. Rewa asks if he means she doesn’t make a good tea. Bhagat murmurs that she is really smart. Rwea says she has listened, she attacks him while he run away. She chases him in the room. At once he gets still, Rewa regrets. Bhagat cries that she has torn her T-shirt. Rewa says I am sorry. Bhagat says this was his favorite T-shirt. Rewa says she will get him a new one, gift from her side, happy? He nods and says he will not let her make a tea now. She may make up for the T-shirt later on.

She agrees and goes to sit beside him as he prepares the tea. She tells him to put in more sugar else this will be flavorless. Bhagat says this isn’t sugar, it is tea and it will make it stronger. Rewa still insists on him to put more of it, else the tea would be flavorless. Bhagat hushes her by keeping a finger on her mouth. Rewa thinks he must not say anything, else she won’t be able to say no. Rewa’s phone rings, she is worried to hear it and hurries towards home. Bhagat tells her to have tea atleast, she hurries. She turns back and tells him to pour it in the bottle. He does that and smiles when she leaves.
Neel was sitting on stairs, Umang comes there and gives him her bottle of water. He denies it. She gives it to his hands. He tells her not to do this, what if someone watches this. Umang says that she was such an easy person for him, did he even propose her; if he has seen Bhagat’s condition getting Rewa’s proposal ready. Did he do something? Still what they will get by telling everyone. And she had worn his T-shirt, in front of everyone, in full public. Even after that… Neel says she hasn’t still told her best friend Rewa, what if she feels ashamed of telling them about him. He says he knows he is of no use, still he is like that. Umang holds his hand and says there is nothing like that. Deepam watches this, and calls Neel. Umang leaves his hand, she comes down to them and says she needs to talk to Neel. Umang says she is talking to Neel right now so don’t disturb. Deepam says she is talking to Neel, why is she replying? Neel watches Umang’s friendship band in hand, and goes with Deepam.
Rewa comes home and asks mom what has happened. Her mom hushes her up and takes her outside to sit. Rewa asks her mom what happened, why was she so worried. Her mom says Ritika isn’t doing anything, neither she is taking any food, nor sleeping or talking. Rewa says she must be tired of travel. Her mother says she knows her daughter, there is something wrong for sure. Rewa asks how she is so sure. Her mom says Ritika isn’t like Rewa, Rewa hides her things since childhood but Ritika shares every little matter with her. She says that they need to find out why Ritika is worried. Rewa thinks that her mom thinks so, but when she met Ritika in the party she was fine. She wonders if her mom is overthinking or is her mom right.
Deepam says to Neel that she hadn’t thought he would talk to her well. Neel asks her to come to point. Deepam asks him to let her use her phone, there is no battery in hers. Neel asks if she brought him here for this only, what rubbish is this. Deepam asks Neel why he was talking to UG? Neel hands her his cell phone. Deepam thinks that she just wants to check his call records, if he talked to his parents. Neel told her to do it now. Deepam says there is signal problem in her village, she is trying. She tells Neel that she loves her parents a lot and talks to them daily, but today there is no signal. She asks if he misses his family. How he speaks to his family, phone, chat or anything else. Neel is irritated, he asks if she has nothing else to do than to ask him these silly questions. He tells Deepam to think if well before talking to him next time, if that matter is worth talking or not. She keps on stopping Neel while he leaves cursing himself for leaving Umang. Deepam thinks that it doesn’t feel like his family talked to him about their wedding.
Rewa opens the door of Ritika’s room, she thinks she must talk to her. She goes cheerfully and jumps on Ritika’s bed. She asks how she is, but Ritika wasn’t much interested. She asks Ritika what she did all day long. Ritika says nothing, she is fine. Rewa says when did she ask if she is fine? Ritika says she was thinking about something else. Rewa asks if she is worried about intership? She denies. Rewa asks what it can be, she thinks for a while and says is this some boys related problem? Ritika sits up. Rewa tells Ritika that she and UG has made a band, a no more boys band. This will save her as well from all such problems. She says that all their problems are always boys related, this wills save them from it. She asks who that boy is. Ritika stands up and throws the band saying what rubbish is this, why she consider everything as joke and leaves. Rewa says her mom was right, there is some problem with her. She thinks what is that Ritika doesn’t want to tell her even. She gets Bhagat’s text asking if everything fine at home. Rewa replies no, she will tell him later. Bhagat reads the message and says he is worried. Rewa reads it and says he is so concerned. She writes he is really impatient. Bhagat says she must tell him when she is done. Bhagat says he is really impatient, that is why he wants to tell her his feelings.

PRECAP: Jugnu comes into the changing room, Bhagat asks Coach? Jugnu asks if he still lives here? This is strictly against rules. Bhagat says he had talked to him about it while joining his team. Jugnu says there was no such deal, he must go away right now. Bhagat stands outside the academy with luggage, Jugnu asks him to go take Rewa’s help.

Update Credit to: Sona

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