Swim Team 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jai stands Ritika comes…Jai gets shocked to see Ritika…Ritika tells its her office..Jai tells he will drop ritika,,Ritika checks Jai’s camera..Jai tells Umang’s pictures have to be taken and Photographer has gone..Ritika tells its very easy she will change the settings…Jai tells Ritika to come along with him to academy,,Ritika tells she have work at home..Jai tells she have to come as its important..Ritika agrees…
Kanika comes while deepsi and pixy sees about the message they sent to kanika’s father,,Kanika’s father comes..Father comes and shouts.tells how can she do that??.Kanika tells its only one time..Father tells kanika would have think about her career,,Father tells that he would have not given such freedom to kanika.Kanika tells what he is talking

about??? jamwal shows the message to kanika saying she is saying pregnant..kanika tells whats rubbish..kanika tells its not true..
Father tells that kanika to listen what he said..Kanika cries..kanika buys cake and eats.Father comes and stops..kanika cries and tells she is hungry,,,everytime she wannted to eat cake and choclates but her mother stop her saying that she will not look good in swimming,,Kanika tells that she is not preganant but was vomiting because was hungry…kanika cries.. Jai and Ritika comes Acadamey..Umang tells Rewa to go away as she came because of Jai,,Jai tells Rewa and Umang to sought out.Umang tells no way as she hate lier…Rewa tells Umang is selfish.and thinks that she is the centre of universe..Rewa tells “The great Umang”,,Rewa tells why everytime Umang thinks of herself???Jai tells its okey…Rewa goes and calls Ritika a “professional photographer”…Umang asks Jai what Ritika is doing here??Jai tells that the previous photographer ran away,,Umang says okey..
Umang poses while Ritika takes pictures,,,Jai and Rewa stands,,,Mr Jamwal calls Coach TK and asks if he got job???Jamwal tells that he want TK’s help..Tells to train Kanika,,and tells that he is offering deal If Tk wanted a junior coach in the Dolphin academey,,TK asks who is the head coach??Jamwal tells he dont know..Mr jamwal tells If TK wanted the job???TK agrees….Rewa sees pictures of Umang in newspaper…Rewa tells Ritika that pictures came in newspaper..RItika gets happy…Rewa gets shocked to see Umang is joining another coach Jhugnu singh.. Coach TK reads the news and gets shocked..Jai tells Umang that she have taken a good decision,,Rewa tells Ritika thatshe looks in a good mood..Ritika tells she always in a good kmood…Rewa tells because Ritika published pictures in newspaper..Ritika tells its nothing like that just that Jai wanted her help…Rewa cuts the picture and sticks tells that she can look at it daily..Ritika tells now to stop the topic..Rewa removes the picture,,Ritika tells that its Rewa’s bestie picture Umang,,Rewa tells Umang is no more her friend,,Rewa throws the picture and goes..Ritika picks up and see..Rewa comes and tells that she caught her,,Rewa tells that she thought Ritika is tough but still she is soft like her..Rewa tells that everyone has choice to fullfill their dreams..Rewa tells why everyone wanted to become good???Why there is no choice..Ritika tells its okey…Ritika shouts tells that her favourite t-shirt is burnt…Rewa laughs and tells to take a holiday..Ritika tells okey,,Ritika tells that Rewa is a bad influence..Rewa and Ritika hugs.. TK comes academy along with Deepsi,,Pixy and kanika..TK tells that he is very happy that they didnt left him and he will represent them…TK tells that Pixy,,Deepsi and Kanika are in a team will be like a family,,And tells them to change as have to practise…Coach TK stands near pool gets shocked to See Umang coming out of pool…

Precap::Umang tells TK that she is in Jugnu singh team now..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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