Swim Team 29th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Swim Team 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhagat tells that he lied to Rewa..Rewa also forced her..Bhagat tells that he later recognized its his Rewa..Rewa thinks about Umang..That Umang loves Bhagat..Rewa tells Bhagat that its okay..Rewa tells that its all waste things..Rewa says its not a big deal..Bhagat is shocked..Rewa tells that they dont have any relation..If Bhagat lied also its not a big deal..Rewa tells that Bhagat and she are just friends..Rewa tells its fair in Friendship..Rewa goes..Bhagat holds Rewa hand..Rewa tells they are just friends..Bhagat tells he want to ask something..Bhagat asks why Rewa was crying..Rewa tells Bhagat to just behave like friends..Bhagat thinks what her mother said…Bhagat tells That Rewa is right that they are friends..Bhagat tells no nonsense,Masti and nothing..Rewa tells okay..Bhagat tells Rewa see you around DUDE…Rewa gets shocked..Bhagat tells that friends behave like this…Rewa wear’s her swimming suit,,Kanika comes..Rewa sees kanika wearing the same.Rewa tells what the hell…Kanika thinks that Jai gifted her..Rewa tells that she cannot do anything…
Rewa tells that she very confident..And she is confident about the fact that she looks perfect in the swimming suit..Pixy comes and sees ,,Kanika asks who is looking good..Pixy tells to do ramp-work..Kanika tells she will change.. Everyone Practises…Jugnu comes tells that he want to update about the grant..And winning Grant means getting two lakh rupees..And in Zonal selection no one can eliminate the winner..Jugnu tells its very tough to win the grant..Jugnu tells that one Coach has selected to judge..Jugnu tells that Coach will Judge and decide who will win..Jugnu tells that the Coach is very strict and tough…Jugnu tells no romance in the campus..Jugnu tells he already said to his team..Jugnu tells this Grant his team swimmer will win..Jugnu tells Tomorrow the Coach will reach the Academey..Kanika laughs…

Precap::Bhagat tells Rewa to trust As she will get her love…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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