Swim Team 29th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Rewa shows the Pendent to Umang,,Kanika tells Jai that how he lied to her,,Jai tells kanika the truth is he loves her..And he is trapped totally..Kanika tells why Jai wont tell the truth to Rewa,,Jai says he is trapped totally…Kanika cries..Jai tells please to manage he will break up with Rewa at any cost…Kanika and Jai hugs,,Rewa search Jai..Kanika listens Rewa’s voice she gets more angry..She asks whether Rewa shifted here or what???Jai tells to quiet..Kanika tells to just wait and watch..Jai tells just to listen him,,She tells that he is a lier!!Jai tells they will discuss the matter..Kanika tells she will tell the whole truth to Rewa,,Jai tells she wont go then the relationship would be end,and he will sought out everything Kanika goes,,Rewa comes with Tea,,Rewa and Jai hugs each other..Bhagat comes back to academey and thinks about Rewa..Mother calls Bhagat and tells to say the truth and atleast would have accepted the truth,Bhagat says he dont know the whole truth and he is not in the mood to talk now,,Mother cuts the phone,,Bhagat tells he dont want to hurt Rewa and If Jai did one more mistake he will beat Jai..At academey Jai tells Rewa that she will only win..Kanika comes and sees Rewa’s locket,,Kanika taunts says that the necklace is very nice..Rewa asks why Kanika is back of her necklace??Jai tells he have to discuss the diet plan..Kanika says that Jai is reacting in such a way that she is secret girlfriend,,Rewa tells Jai that she is going gym..Rewa goes!!Jai asks if Kanika is gone mad??Anotherside Sana gets ready Umang comes,,Umang tells that Sana can use her perfume..Sana uses it..Kanika tells that Jai is a player and she will tell the truth to Rewa,,Jai is shocked..

Precap::Bhagat’s mother meet Rewa

Update Credit to: Ansari

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